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Boy meets girl, and the pieces fall into place. They met before their freshman year of high school at summer academy. Then, they made sure to stay in touch. In June of 2013 they began dating. And now, arms wrapped around each other with smiles lighting their faces you can see how in love they […]

I posted last week that I am learning film photography. I am so excited about this you guys! Right before Kali and Jon’s family session, I bought a Nikon F100 SLR 35mm film camera. I have ALWAYS loved the look of film and decided it was something I wanted to look into trying. After purchasing […]

High quality film photography has a certain feel to it that I have always loved. Film captures light differently than a digital camera, and you have to be more purposeful with your images. When I started looking into learning film photography, I think the thing that appealed to me most was slowing down. Sometimes I […]

The pitter-patter of the rain sounds from the roof of the 100-year-old greenhouse. A few drops sneak inside, but inside it’s warm and toasty. The sounds of the rain are drowned out by the sounds of laughter as the little ones keep us entertained. Snuggled up tight, and holding everything most precious to them, my […]

I mentioned how to dress, and how to prepare, but I thought I’d take it one further and give you some advice about where to shop for your session. I have a who email and styled guide I like to send to clients when they book, but in case you’re looking for some inspiration – […]

Hey guys! So today’s post is about file sharing and making sure you get the best experience possible. I have been lucky enough to never have a client ask me for these, but just wanted to explain why I might say something like “Wow, I’ve taken 400 photos.” and you only end up with 150 […]

Knowing how to dress as a guest at a wedding doesn’t always come easily, but one way brides and grooms can help with that would be to include the attire on the invitation. I’ve included descriptions of the different attire below. Most of the weddings I’ve attended as a guest have either been casual or […]

We are so blessed to be able to celebrate Christmas with our immediate families and extended families. There are tons of photos below, and a little bit about each Christmas. Hope you enjoy!! 🙂 Bredehoeft Christmas with Justin’s immediate family We drove down to Justin’s Mom’s house to celebrate Christmas with almost his whole family. […]

There is so much that goes into planning a wedding, that sometimes things can fall through the cracks. Wedding programs are often overlooked when planning, and I know I was dangerously close to forgetting them. (I ordered them with juuuussst enough time to get them here.) Pros of having wedding programs Wedding programs are a […]

Well, this year was incredible. December flew by faster than I thought possible, but that seems to be a trend this year. The older I am, the faster time seems to go by – speeding past faster and faster. Every time I think I want to be done with Project365 and not complete one the […]

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