Rebranding, Part 3 | My values + why they matter

After defining my why, it was time to really hone in on the values I wanted to focus on for KAP. The values you choose to hold dear are the pillars for supporting your why. They shape your business in ways you wouldn’t even think of, and I am so happy to have mine clearly defined. 

The Kelsey Alumbaugh Photography values are: 

  1.  Thankfulness
  2.  Legacy
  3.  Love
  4.  Family-oriented
  5.  Happiness
  6.  Fun
  7.  Elegance

These were seven values that really seemed to speak to me, and just fit me personally and professionally. 


This is number one for me. I always want to be thankful – thankful to God for how he’s blessed me. Thankful to my husband and family for how they’ve supported me. And thankful for my amazing clients and their stories. Take one thing out, and I wouldn’t be the same person I am today. I am so grateful for everything we have been blessed with and worked for, and I never want to take that for granted. 


It’s one of the few things we leave behind, and I want to leave Wynn (and any other possible future children) with an incredible one. And, knowing how important leaving a legacy is for me means that I have to start being more intentional with my time and energy so that I can really work on building something great. 

See? Values, man. Super important and backing up your why so you can focus and create great things. 



I want to love others well, to tell their love stories, and to focus on the love I have for my family and friends. I want to keep this value at the forefront of my decisions, because I always want my people to know how important and wonderful they are – and how much I love them. 


This is a huge one for me. I was raised by two incredible parents who always put our family first. They taught me to love others well, and to show up for the people you care about. Gifts are swell, but mostly, people want you and your time. Knowing this, I want to prioritize my family when I am making my goals and decisions. 


We get one go at this life, and we should enjoy it! I have been working a lot this year to shift my perspective and mindset, and instead focus on joy. I have been taking stock of emotions, listing at least three things I am grateful for everyday, and taking time to slow down and soak up the little moments. Like Wynn singing along to the radio, all of our dance parties, the simple hello kiss from my husband when we get home in the afternoon, and stopping everything if Wynn brings me a book to read him. His happiness is contagious, and no matter my mood before, I’m soon beaming with joy and just so grateful for this life. 


Who doesn’t like to have fun? I mean, not everything HAS to be fun, but isn’t it so much more enjoyable when it is? I love making everyday things fun for Wynn. He helps me make my coffee every morning when he puts the pod in the Keurig, presses the button, dumps my collagen powder and helps pour the creamer. He is always so proud to have helped and has a huge smile on his face. 

When at a session or wedding, I want my clients to have fun! I want to make them laugh and enjoy the process because I think if you have fun while taking the photos it just makes the photos so much better. 


Or being aesthetically-minded. This one is more of a business value, although I do enjoy creating aesthetically pleasing areas of our home. I love to capture all of your wedding day details, and those special moments throughout the day. During a session, I love to focus on the little things, like a close up of your little ones eyes or the connection between siblings. And I want to do it in a way that makes you look at an image and say, “Wow.” 

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February 18, 2021




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