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Behind the scenes: Design an album with me

Ever wanted to know what goes into designing and delivering a wedding album!? In today’s video I’m going to take you from start to finish. Want to watch me design an album? Just click play. 

Step by step: design an album with me in SmartAlbums

  1. I add photos from my favorites folder and family formals to the SmartAlbum library.
  2. When I put the album together, I try to do so in the order of events from the day. That is not always the same as the timeline. When I take untouched reception photos at 3, but the ceremony isn’t until 5, I’m not going to put reception photos before the ceremony.
  3. I use the layout suggestions in SmartAlbums when designing, but usually I love to choose the options that allow for the photos to be as big as possible.
  4. It is so great that the albums lay flat so I never have to worry about losing any part of the image in the gutter (the crease between the pages)!
  5. I always make sure to include family formals in albums designs.
  6. The Complete Wedding Experience comes with a 10 spread 10×10 album, but I often design the albums larger. I would rather my bride and groom let me know what they don’t want in the album than to have forgotten something.
  7. Once ordered, I like the album to be shipped to me so I can check for quality before delivering to my couple.
  8. And boom, there’s your album!

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June 7, 2021




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