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When we took our vows, we knew it was forever. We were committed to building our lives together, growing old together and everything in between. While preparing for our wedding we asked for marriage advice. Communication was the one thing everyone agreed on. In light of that, we talk to each other about everything, all […]

Here we are, celebrating one year and Mr & Mrs. This past year has flown by so fast. I cannot believe we have already been married for a year! Well, a year and one day, now. 😉 Things I have learned Don’t get upset about the little things (like not putting a trash bag back […]

There is so much to see in this crazy, amazing, wonderful world and we only have one lifetime to experience it all. There’s so much I want to explore and it’s so hard to choose where I’d want to go most. I talk often of how much I love to travel. We’ve been to many […]

Over Labor Day Weekend we traveled north to Minnesota with our two pups to see Justin’s brother and fiance for their engagement session. We left Saturday morning (a little later than expected – my bad) and arrived mid afternoon to Aaron and Jess’ home. We had a quiet night at their house, which was perfect […]

Last weekend we went to Seattle for an engagement session, and it was amazing! We left Friday night, and after a long (ridiculously long) four-hour flight, we landed in Seattle. It was late, and by the time we got to our hotel, we pretty much just called it a night. We crammed as much as […]

Justin and I have been married for six months today! I cannot believe it has been six months of marriage. Thinking of our wedding day still brings, and always will bring, a smile to my face. It was the best day ever, and I love talking about it. I love reminiscing about how much fun we […]

Justin and I are not strangers to home renovation. In fact, we love it. We are always talking about what we’d like to do if/when we can build a house. In our current home, we have done a lot of renovating over the last three years. We started in the kitchen, with new cabinets. Then the […]

To my husband on your birthday: You woke up another year older today, but it was another year we had together. This is the 6th birthday we have celebrated together. We have marked your birthday by going restaurants, Top Golf and (once) to a baseball game. But this year – this year is my favorite. […]

We have been married for over a month, and I am loving all of it. Our first two weeks were spent on our honeymoon in Rome, Florence and Venice. Getting home and getting back in our routines has been hard, not going to lie. We also threw a new puppy into the mix, so that […]

We adopted Watson the weekend we came home from Italy. Talk about jumping right in. We alluding in our vows to someday being a two-dog home. When we came back from Italy, and we saw how much fun Banner had playing with other dogs at Bed & Bones for two weeks, we decided it was […]

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