Happy anniversary! Celebrating 2 years of marriage

It’s our anniversary! Two years ago we said “I do” and promised to live our lives together for the rest of our days. We celebrated with family and friends outside under the lights until well past midnight dancing the night away. It was one of the best nights ever and thinking about it will always put a smile on my face. And while that day was amazing – I still stand by the saying that “I want a marriage more beautiful than my wedding day.”

With you, I have that. We have that. Our marriage is something I am so proud of, and I love the way it has evolved over the last two years. We communicate about all of the important things (yes, I know sometimes I ramble). We always try to support each other through any endeavor. Our priorities are always to put each other first and focus on making each other happy. And I love all of those things.

I am not saying we are perfect; and we both have moments when we are not at 100 percent. Whether we get cranky, let some housework slide for a bit or just get annoyed with each other (which is all normal whenever you’re with someone so often) – we always love each other. We love each other in spite of any of those moments. And I think that might be what I am the proudest of in our marriage.

Two whole years we have been husband and wife, and they have been two of the most amazing years. I am so excited to be starting a family with you, preparing the house for said baby and just living this life day in and out. Oh dear husband of mine, I cannot wait to watch you be a dad. I think it is going to be our best adventure yet! 🙂

Since our last anniversary we have:

  • Started a family – the baby is still baking for just a little bit longer
  • Undertaken soooo many home improvement projects
  • Been working on our Dave Ramsey plan to get finances in order
  • Photographed numerous weddings together
  • Spent countless hours talking and planning for our future
  • Enjoyed many an evening just the two of us binge watching some TV

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October 7, 2019




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