The Adventures of JI & Kels: Weekend getaway to Seattle

Last weekend we went to Seattle for an engagement session, and it was amazing! We left Friday night, and after a long (ridiculously long) four-hour flight, we landed in Seattle. It was late, and by the time we got to our hotel, we pretty much just called it a night. We crammed as much as we could into our 2.5 days in Seattle, and I know there are some things we missed – like the Underground Tour and Starbucks Reserve. But, we just tell ourselves we’ll have to see it next time!


We set out Saturday morning with the intention of having breakfast at Lowell’s in the market. While walking there, Google maps kept getting confused. It kept spinning and having difficulty locating where we were or something? We left the hotel, and it told us to go left, when we should have gone right and then turned right down Pike, and it was only 6 blocks away. Somehow, our 10 minute walk was suddenly 23 minutes, we were at the corner of University and something, stuck in a downpour. After and Uber successfully dropped us off, we finally had breakfast and enjoyed an amazing view out over the waterfront.

Then we explored the market, found The Gum Wall, and wandered down to the waterfront. Our next stop was The Seattle Great Wheel. I loved it, and only got a little anxious when it felt like we were suspended way over the water. We walked along the waterfront for a bit, and climbed up a mountain of stairs to find some place for lunch.

We went back to the hotel after that and got ready to meet up with Jaclyn and Kevin for their session at Chihuly Glass House & Garden and by the Seattle Great Wheel. Afterwards we went to this awesome little speakeasy called The Backdoor!


After walking over 8 miles on Saturday, we chose a place pretty close to the hotel for breakfast. We went back down to Pike’s Market to explore. Jaclyn suggested Beecher’s cheese at Public Market, and it was delicious. We stopped by and saw the original Starbucks, but did not wait in the line to go in. Then we walked in the market along all the flower stalls, and looked at some different shops. After another trek down to the waterfront, we went on a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island. Our last tourist adventure of the day was to see the Seattle Space Needle, even though it is under a bit of construction.


Monday morning we woke up bright and early with the intent of going to Discovery Park and to the West Point Lighthouse. We walked along the beach and I took so many photos. It was the perfect, low-key activity to end our time in Seattle. We hiked back up quite a ways, enjoying the stunning scenery before we had to find a place to call an Uber so we could get checked out of our hotel and to the airport on time. Then it was time to hurry up and wait at the airport so we could get home. It was an incredible trip and we loved getting to explore a new place!

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April 11, 2018




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