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Higginsville family sunrise session

It was a gorgeous summer morning spent with one of my best and oldest friends and her precious family. I’ve been photographing Jon and Kali since 2016. I have taken their engagement, maternity, wedding, fresh 48 for both kiddos and family photos. They are some of my favorite people, and capturing these moments for them is something I truly cherish. And I really loved this Higginsville family sunrise session!

Kali and I were talking about how much easier morning sessions are with the little ones, and let me just say early morning family photos are now some of my favorite things. I never knew until I was a mom how difficult those evening golden hour sessions can be in the summer time. You’re dealing with bedtime, the witching hour or just general tiredness after a long day. Wynn is always happiest in the morning, and so I’ve been suggesting them more and more. We get to start the day off with the session, and then the rest of the day is free for the little to get back on schedule.

I always remind parents that photo sessions are not a normal part of most toddlers days. I try to be as animated as possible, and make a ridiculous amount of sounds trying to get some giggles. One thing I’ve found is that patience is key, and when we find what works we go with that for a while. For Kai and Maclyn, that was a lot of racing. Kai didn’t fall until after pictures. And because we let them have a little control and do something they wanted, when I was taking pictures of just Kali and Jon, the kiddos sat down all by themselves for a photo and it was the sweetest thing.

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September 3, 2020




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