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Karley + Keaston + JJ | Family

My sister is beautiful. She’s an incredible mother. A wonderful aunt. And I am so happy we were able to get together for some photos of her sweet family! Kar asked if I would take some photos of them, and of course I obliged!

Keaston was the best assistant ever, and he would take photos on my digital camera while I took some film photos. He’s just the sweetest boy, and I have loved photographing him throughout the years. Birthday sessions, birthday parties, sporting events – my nephew is well acquainted with being the subject of my photos!

We finished the Higginsville farm family session in one of Dad’s hayfields with their two dogs. Those girls love Keaston so much, and it’s so funny watching them all interact. I hope you all love these photos as much as I love this family!

Keaston asked if he could clap while they kissed haha!

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September 2, 2020




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