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Project365: October 2021

October 2021 was a whirlwind of adventure. Trips the first two weekends of the month, moving the next and celebrating Halloween with the cutest little cow around. As always, time flies when Wynn is involved!

The second weekend of the month, one of my best friends got married in Maine! It was gorgeous and Michelle was an absolutely stunning bride. Celebrating her and Andrew was so much fun!! And Maine is gorgeous. Unfortunately, I was flying Southwest and that was the weekend that TONS of flights were just cancelled with a “good luck getting home, maybe we could do it on Tuesday?” kind of message.

Fun Memories of Wynn From October 2021

  • Traveling to Louisville for the third time this year from my cousin’s son’s baptism. He was so great. Wynn handled his altered schedule like a champ and enjoyed the weekend with his Mimi and I.
  • He enjoys wearing his dad’s hats all the time. They almost fit.
  • Wynn has discovered he really like to run around in a shirt and diaper, and often times loves to add a pair of shoes to the ensemble.
  • We moved to Higginsville! Wynn loves running the length of the trailer and exploring the hayfield by the house.
  • Madie Plymell with Belle’s Creek Photography took our annual family photos one morning! 🙂 Wynn mostly cooperated and seemed to like running around.
  • A sweet client of my Dad’s gifted me two full bags of gourds when I did their furnace check. Wynn LOVED them. Like, we said goodbye to them in the mornings. We lined the steps into the house with them and brought some inside that he washed and played with in the living room.
  • We visiting our favorite pumpkin patch and shared some cider donuts. 🙂
  • The walk to our mailbox is a little longer than it used to be and Wynn likes to walk up and down the drive to go get the mail.
  • He helped Dad get the furnace going! Well, he liked the tools dad was using.
  • We celebrated Halloween by visiting family and had a blast with the sweetest cow ever. He loves wearing it and moo-ing all the time.

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