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The wind blows through the multicolored leaves as they walk hand in hand, smiling at each other. The day they have long been planning is here at last. They are husband and wife, finally. After all of the planning, the decorating, the creating (because Jaclyn DIY-ed quite a bit for their wedding) – they were […]

On a mostly quite Kansas City street in the Sunday afternoon sunlight, a couple stands close together. Laughter rings out. They look at each other, and continue to giggle. “I always laugh at his shoulder, it’s fine,” Emma joked. And so the session goes. All of us laughing the entire time about how weird things […]

Arms wrapped tightly around each other while nose to nose, they share a private laugh. The sun shines through down through the trees and the wind blows through the leaves. They look so in love, and wonderfully happy to be together. They are adorable. The laughter they share shows in their eyes, and it’s wonderful. […]

She smiles as she walks down the aisle. Her eyes are on him the whole time. His back is to her. When she’s halfway there, he turns. She smiles at him. He covers his mouth and looks on in wonder. They hold hands as the pastor tells the story of how they met. It’s a […]

It was a rainy Tuesday afternoon, but we didn’t let that stop us. This tea party spring wedding inspiration styled session was a blast to be a part of, and I am so thankful to all of the vendors that participated. I absolutely adore styled sessions, and this one came together beautifully. The cloudy, rainy day definitely […]

Here we are, celebrating one year and Mr & Mrs. This past year has flown by so fast. I cannot believe we have already been married for a year! Well, a year and one day, now. 😉 Things I have learned Don’t get upset about the little things (like not putting a trash bag back […]

“Aaron!!” she said as she walked over to her soon-to-be husband. He turned around and his entire face lit up. “Can you believe we get married today!?” she asked him while they were snuggled close. It was the first time they were able to see each other all day. Tori kept telling Aaron how perfect […]

This month was crazy, but in the best way. It started with a trip to Minnesota to visit Aaron and Jess for their engagement photos and ended with back-to-back wedding weekends. Oh how I love this crazy life. The Concordia Fall Festival (a.k.a. Street Fair) and some birthday parties thrown in between. We had quality […]

We work to create a timeline for your wedding day, but life happens and sometimes things get a little off. It’s okay. I promise we will make everything work. However, to give us the best chance of staying on time, I have three tips to help you when preparing for your wedding day. I would […]

She walks along the property line with a huge grin on her face. He has his back to her, anxiously waiting. This is it. The moment they’ve been waiting for all day. “Preston,” she says. He turns around and his face lights up with so much joy and wonder. Ciara’s smile grows impossibly wider as […]

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