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It was so hard to choose the best photos from the amazing maternity, birth and newborn and milestone sessions we had this year. There were so many precious babies this year, you guys! For anyone who knows my family, we are definitely a family of baby hogs. Which means, I loved getting to know (or […]

Picking out gifts for loved ones during the holiday season can be stressful! I’ve included a few ideas below (and yes, a decent amount of them have to do with photos) if you need some help getting something for your people. I love giving photo gifts because I love seeing pictures printed and enjoyed versus […]

I am so excited to be sharing our first ever behind the scenes roundup! It has been so great having Justin with me at weddings and sessions. Not only do we get more variety for our couples, but this year we really tried to get some photos of us while we were working. I love […]

To my husband on your 35th birthday, I hope today is everything that a birthday should be – full of anything you want to do and a minimal amount of things you have to do. I have never loved you more. It’s true. Everyday in this life – even the ones when we sit on […]

We had a little bit of fall, and a whole lot of winter this month. We had engagement sessions for upcoming 2019 and 2020 weddings and our last wedding of 2018. It snowed twice, but was still randomly warm at times throughout the month – enough that we were able to enjoy being outside on […]

So. Much. Food. Oh my goodness you guys, we are so fortunate. I know this may seem tedious to share all of this, but this blog isn’t just for you. It’s for Justin and I, and our families, to look back on in the future and remember the time we spent together. And, I have […]

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite days of the year! We get to be surrounded by family, eating delicious food and thanking God for the lives we get to lead. To honor all that I am thankful for, I thought I’d list out five things I am thankful for this year. So, without further ado – […]

They knelt next to each other at the front of the church. Their wedding day was upon them, and all those they hold dear had gathered to watch them pledge their lives to each other. “Man your hands are cold,” he said. “Better than my feet!,” she replied. And I cannot think of a more […]

A winter breeze come across the lake and blows her hair back. He nuzzles in close as smiles light up their faces. Despite the chill in the air, they seem to be absolutely glowing. Young and in love, they are excited to be spending the rest of their lives together. It was a bit surreal […]

Belle bounds ahead, exploring the path before them. They laugh and call after her. Hands held tight, they follow her; stopping as she runs back to them. And so it goes, the back and forth of a happy puppy and her people – young and in love. Despite the cold, it was the perfect fall […]

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