The best portrait locations near me | Missouri wedding photographer

When you are scheduling your session, the location can have a huge impact on your final images. I love to recommend the best portrait locations near me for my local clients! It’s so fun to use familiar spaces in new ways to give you your own unique images. Check out a few of my favorites below! 

The best portrait locations near me | Missouri wedding photographer | Kelsey Alumbaugh Photography | #missouriweddingphotographer #kansascityweddingphotographer #kansascityfamilyphotographer

Conservation Areas

There are so many great conservation areas in Missouri. The closest to me is Maple Leaf Lake Conservation Area, and I LOVE having sessions there. There are so many great places to work. And another not too far away is Burr Oak Woods Conservation Area. The Missouri Department of Conservation does require a permit for some of their areas, and those guidelines can be found online. 

The best portrait locations near me | Missouri wedding photographer | Kelsey Alumbaugh Photography | #missouriweddingphotographer #kansascityweddingphotographer #kansascityfamilyphotographer

My house

We moved out to the country almost a year ago, and I love it out here. We have some beautiful scenery and lighting out here, and it’s so fun to photograph families in this space. There are so many areas we can use to change up the background, and, not going to lie, it’s nice to just walk out the door to go to work! 

What should I bring to my photo session? | Midwest family photographer | Kelsey Alumbaugh Photography | #kcfamilyphotos #kcfamilyphotographer #kansascityfamilyphotos #familyphotos

Your home

What better way to document your family than your four walls? Let’s take some photos in your space where you live your everyday life and make all those incredible memories. I would love to come photograph your family in your home! (Even if you’re currently building it!) 

Higginsville Mo family photos - new build photo session

I hope this was helpful for you! If you’d like for me to capture your family’s memories, I’d love for you to contact me HERE!

Want to get in touch?

I am so excited you found me! And I hope this post helps you find pick the best portrait locations for your family or engagement photos! Just so you to know your email is going to make my day, and I’ll probably do a little happy dance when it hits my inbox. I love email because it helps me keep all our important conversations in one place versus spreading the conversation out over email, text, Instagram DMs, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, etc. You can expect to hear from me within 24 hours. You can contact me here, or just shoot me an email at


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August 29, 2022




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