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The Story of Us: A bridal shower with friends

My first shower (since we are counting the other as an engagement party) was hosted by Karley – my little sister, my MOH, and one of my best friends – and Kali – another best friend, and a bridesmaid. (Couldn’t bring myself to use bestie, so instead you get a bit of redundancy.)

They put out donuts, fruit, some baked goods and mimosas. This shower was mainly for friends, and it was very laid back and low key. Two of my favorite things. We chatted and ate, and then presents were opened. And of course, babies were present and entertaining to all. There were no games, which I prefer. I have a hard time being the center of attention and prefer if people stare at me as little as possible.

I feel so lucky and incredibly blessed to get to celebrate with so many great people. It was a great brunch/afternoon, whatever you’d like to call it, and I can’t wait for our wedding day. 🙂

Justin spent the weekend in Kansas for his bachelor party. Golf, gambling and beer – I’d say they had quite a good time. There were skirts and wigs involved at one point, and I feel as though Snap Chat did not even come close to telling the stories of the weekend. All in all, it was an incredible weekend.

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August 16, 2017




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