Project365: September 2021

September 2021 was insanely busy. We spent a lot of time trying to figure out when the mobile home was being moved to the property where we want to build in the future (it finally made it’s way to us at the end of the month), and just trying to pack up what we could at the house. Time is flying by so fast, and this sweet boy is growing up so much. The months seem to go by faster and faster.

Fun memories of Wynn from September 2021

  • A walk and a park date with my best friend and her daughter
  • We found a Mickey Mouse stuffed animal and Wynn is OBSESSED. We ended up finding the rest of the crew (minus Pluto) in smaller versions and he loves to carry them all around, or post up with them in his tent.
  • He loved watching Keaston play football and yelling at my Dad and JJ as the coached on the sidelines.
  • Swimming at Mimi and Papas with friends
  • Plenty of dinners with Uncle Jared
  • We bought the sensory table from IKEA, and a little chair, and Wynn loves it! He likes to sit there to eat or play, and it’s so cute.
  • He really loves his blue light glasses, and has started to wear his sunglasses again if we also have them on.
  • Getting his haircut by miss Jennifer
  • STREET FAIR!! Wynn loved going to the parade on Wednesday night and watching the marching bands. But what he loved the most was going on the rides on Thursday night! The carousel was definitely his favorite (he preferred riding the bunny), and we probably did it around 30 times.
  • We had a family dinner at our cousin’s house when some out of town family came in to visit, and Grandma sat in the play room with all the boys for a bit so Wynn could play with the big kids for a while.
  • We celebrated Mema’s birthday at the Mexican restaurant 🙂
  • I found Wynn a cow halloween costume at Target at the end of the month, and bought it so we could practice wearing a costume and he’d be comfortable with it by Halloween. Jokes on me. Wynn loved it, and wore if for like 2 hours off and on the first night I had it home while running around the living room mooing.
  • Our cousin’s let Wynn borrow a little mower and wagon and he absolutely LOVES it.


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