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Project365: July 2021

July 2021 started off with a bang, y’all. We were traveling on the first for Noelle and Will’s wedding and things did not slow down after that. We spent a lot of time going on walks to the park, reading and going on tractor rides. We definitely loved our summer!

I loved couple’s league this year. It was like a weekly built-in date night where we got to do something just for us, and it was so great for us!

Wynn loves Keaston so much and wants to do everything he does. He thinks he’s old enough to drive everything, yet he doesn’t like to look where he’s going. He’s started to be a bit of a dare devil (see the photo of him trying to put his scooter on the couch). Life has just been the best kind of busy and chaotic, and I hope you enjoy it.

Also – a real big highlight: MY SISTER AND JJ GOT ENGAGED!! And JJ asked me to photograph the proposal. Boy, he did GOOD!!!

Some fun Wynn facts from July 2021

  • Yells, “PIZZAAA!!!” anytime an oven timer goes off.
  • Request fruit, but actually wants fruit snacks.
  • Really enjoys scrunching his nose.
  • Loved staying in a house with a ton of his cousins when we went to Louisville for Noelle and Will’s wedding. He asked about them for several days after we came home.
  • He repeats everything, and loves learning people’s names.
  • Swinging is his favorite park activity.
  • He loves tractors and farm animals.
  • Wynn is just the sweetest boy. He loves taking pictures in the mirror in his room, he says + (kind of) signs “I love you,” and he gives hugs and kisses all the time.
  • He loves to drive his lawn mower and to watch people mow the grass. Like he can hear a lawn mower anywhere, and starts looking for it.

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September 16, 2021




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