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Project365: August 2021

August 2021: Sessions, scooter riding and and a lot of photos without pants for Wynn because I just don’t put them back on after changing his diaper. This month was a doozy. We started it off with a lot of play time and heading to the park.

A few days into the month we stared talking about our future and trying to figure out what our next steps should be. One of my cousins purchases a mobile home a few years ago, and he and his family have been living there while they get ready to build.

The more we talked, the more that seemed like our best option. So, I started looking at mobile homes. Which quickly turned into calling about mobile homes listed within 45-50 miles of us. And then, we went to look at one. And bought it. We are going to put the mobile home out where we want to build in the future (not on the exact spot we want to build, but off to the side).

With a whole lot of help from my dad, talking with my cousin who’d been through this before and an entire day spent filling a 30-yard dumpster – we are ready for our house to be moved to the property. I am so damn excited, you guys. The house was supposed to move the last weekend in August, but the original truck driver ran into some problems. Now we are supposed to have it on the property by the end of this week, so fingers crossed.

Fun Wynn memories from August 2021

  • Wearing him on my back for a photo session – he did great!! I love using our Tula, and Wynn was laughing and having fun. It helps that we were photographing some of our family members.
  • We watch 3 shows on repeat. Mickey Mouse Roadster Racers, Planes: Fire and Rescue and any Monster’s Inc stuff. He’s become obsessed with Mickey.
  • His vocabulary has exploded. We finally had his 18-month appointment (he was sick the week we were supposed to go, and the end of August was the earliest we could reschedule). His comprehension is above that of a 2-year-old and his vocabulary is above a 2.5 year old. His head has its own growth chart line when we look at how he’s doing physically. I have a big dome also, so this one is on me.
  • Grandma and Jerry came for a visit, and he’s still obsessed with the black bear book they brought him.
  • He’s started putting more and more words together, and often we get complete sentences. They are not long sentences, but still.
  • He knows his body parts, most of our family members names thanks to our picture book, and about 30 animal sounds. My favorite is when I ask him what a Tiger says, he roars; and when I ask him what a Jayhawk says he coughs/chokes. Old rivalries die hard.
  • He loves when Uncle Jared comes over for dinner.
  • We went swimming, and he didn’t hate it. He even went under water a couple times!! He loves “jumping” in – meaning I throw him in the air and catch him with his head above water until my arms give out 10 or 15 minutes later.
  • He really wants to be able to dress himself. He is pretty good with pants/shorts and he loves taking his shoes off and putting them on. Shirts give him a run for his money still.

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