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Project365: February 2021

Holy cow, for being the shortest month February sure knew how to hang around. Beautiful weather at the beginning of the month followed by two weeks of tundra that just really made it feel like the month would never end. We stayed home a lot, did make it out for a few family dinners, and just really enjoyed our time together. Project365: February 2021 – I am loving doing this project again this year! 

Wynn’s personality continues to develop and grow, and I just love who he’s becoming. His love of books has only increased, and he will sit and read them to himself. It’s so cute. He turns pages, and points at the pictures like I do when we read together. Wynn loves helping. He helps make my coffee in the morning, helps pour things into the pot during dinner and loves to stir. His vocabulary really took off the last weekend of February, and he is consistently using his sign language more, and correctly. 

He got a new basketball goal. We thought the one we purchased for Christmas was adjustable, but alas, it was not. We had to pick him up or tilt the goal from him to use it. With the shorter one, he’ll go “make buckets” all the time. We celebrate and he turns to clap his hands afterward. I think it’s adorable. 

Even though the cold felt like it would never end, it was a good month. I hope you enjoy our daily snapshots – because goodness they each just keep getting better.

Project365: February 2021

Project365: February 2021 Project365: February 2021 Project365: February 2021 Project365: February 2021

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March 9, 2021




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