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Project365: December 2021

December 2021 was probably our busiest month of the year. Birthdays (Justin, Wynn and a couple cousins), Christmas dinners, programs, time with family, one rolled ankle (mine), and so much time spent playing with my sweet boy made the month go by in a blur. Time with a toddler goes by ridiculously fast, so I am trying to enjoy all of it. And, while we work to keep Wynn on a pretty consistent schedule for nap and bedtime, I love that he can be flexible and enjoy when we have family events.

Fun memories of Wynn from December 2021

  • How much he loved playing with the ornaments on his tree
  • He would pick out a book to open each night, and once presents started appearing under the big tree, he began trying to open them also.
  • Wynn loved going to cookie day with Justin’s side of the family. He was able to roll out some scraps of dough and ate a few cookies. It was a good morning. We had celebrated Justin’s birthday that morning and had a work Christmas dinner that evening with my dad’s business.
  • Wynn’s first Christmas program was precious. His class all set on the risers and had little popsicle stick jingle bells made in class.
  • He loved that we all had matching pajamas for the holidays, and thought his fuzzy socks were awesome.
  • Wynn was also very interested in helping hand out presents during Christmas celebrations, and most of the time got the recipient correct.
  • For our snack one morning, we mad a little charcuterie board and I sat on the floor next to his table while we shared it. He thought it was so fun, and I loved it.
  • He loved having “Happy Birthday” sang to him, and will randomly start singing it and swaying back and forth.
  • His fascination with glasses grew. He loves to wear his blue light glasses in the house and his sunglasses all the time, everywhere.
  • We were able to get to the park and spend some time outside on a couple nice days during the month. He loves to climb the stairs, go down the slide, and play with the diggers and rocks.
  • And he enjoyed some tractor rides with my Dad.

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