Heirloom quality albums and why their caliber matters

For something to be heirloom quality, it must be made of such superior merit that it can withstand being handed down from generation to generation. And for something to be of heirloom quality it is going to be an investment, but one that is so worth it.  

Think of it like buying a cheap trendy piece of clothing that you know you’ll only wear for that season, versus investing in a piece to wear year after year. You have to decide the investment is worth it to you. 

And while I am all for printing your photos in any way – when it comes to your wedding photos I want to make sure they last. When I order your wedding album from a professional printing lab, their heirloom quality wedding albums are made to withstand the test of time. 

Imagine sitting on your porch in 40 years with your grandchild on your lap as you flip through your wedding album while telling them some amazing stories about your day. Photos can be a great way to trigger all those important memories, and sharing your album with your future children and grandchildren is a great way to keep those memories alive. Click like if you can picture this scenario in your future! 

And, if you’ve watched THIS VIDEO you also know that I think albums can be so important for your marriage as well. 

The albums lay flat, meaning if a photo goes across both pages you don’t lose any in the fold. All the wedding albums have thick sturdy pages, and the photos are printed directly on the page. There is a care card included so you know how to maintain and protect your heirloom. They also come with a dust cover to protect your wedding album for storing.

Printing photos is something that gets lost today. Everybody wants to be able to share photos with friends and family all over the country and/or world, but printing your wedding photos should not be put on the back burner. And that is why I include a heirloom quality wedding album that can be ordered after your big day!

Why I LOVE to include a wedding album

An album is a great way to get as many photos as possible in one place. There are tons of photos taken on your big day, and having a great quality album that allows you to look through and see the story of the day is so important. I design the album to follow the flow of the day, and give the feeling of remembering the day from start to finish.

I want to include as much as I can from your wedding day. The details of your day so they are not forgotten, the first look photos so you always remember how happy your were to see each other, wedding party photos that honor the people you asked to be a part of your day, the ceremony to remember those “I dos,” your family photos, and reception photos to celebrate the celebration – I want it all in your album.

What about for portrait sessions? 

For portrait sessions, I have also started offering albums! These are the press printed books offered by the same company I order albums through – so they are still amazing quality, but they are a more affordable option for annual family sessions! They lay flat, and are just the perfect addition to your portrait session!! 

Ending the experience with an album is one of the highlights of our time together. I just love printing photos, and I want to get your photos off of your computer and into your hands – whether they be family or wedding photos. 

I hope this video helped you understand a bit more about heirloom albums and their importance. As always, see you next week for more tips, tricks and advice to prepare for your session or wedding and what to do with your photos.

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Originally published October 27, 2017.

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