Happy third anniversary, husband! | Thirty favorite things about our marriage

I cannot believe we have been married for three years already! Time is flying by so quickly. Our wedding feels like it just happened, but it also feels like we’ve always been married. Kind of like when I moved in and it just felt like I came over to hang out one day, and didn’t leave. I am incorporating my thirty things post into our anniversary post this year!

Thirty things I love about our marriage

  1. You’re my safe place.
  2. Our teamwork skills.
  3. You (almost) always (far more than I do) unload the dishwasher.
  4. I love that you fold Wynn’s clothes and any full baskets by the dryer.
  5. No one makes me laugh like you.
  6. Watching you become a father has been absolutely incredible.
  7. Celebrating with Italian food on our anniversary every year.
  8. Our talks about the future and all our plans that always motivate us in the present.
  9. You are so great at building things – Wynn’s dresser, the entertainment center, my bookshelf, my desk, etc.
  10. When I mention home improvement projects, you always listen and try to bring my ideas to life.
  11. How love changes and grows, but get stronger and better.
  12. And  yet, how that love stays the same in some of the best ways too.
  13. You give the best back scratches.
  14. Your patience with my crazy.
  15. When you laugh at your own jokes.
  16. We always say I love you and a kiss before leaving (except when you leave at 5 a.m. for work)
  17. And thank you for not waking me at 5 a.m. to say bye.
  18. You’re calm when I’m heated.
  19. It seems like you always know what to say to keep me sane.
  20. You know when I just need to get it all out and have someone listen to me.
  21. When I needed someone to second shooting weddings with me, you didn’t shy away from learning to shoot in manual and supporting me.
  22. Calling you my husband never gets old.
  23. Your tolerance for how often I want to take family photos is astounding. And appreciated.
  24. You think I’m funny, some days, and that’s really good for my confidence. 😂
  25. We talk, a lot, and about everything. I always want to tell you everything.
  26. You never waver when supporting me, my dreams, and all that I hope to accomplish.
  27. It is not lost on you how quickly a cup of coffee can change my mood, and you indulge me when I tell you that a cold brew will just make the day better.
  28. You are kind, and wonderful, and just the most caring person.
  29. You give the best hugs.
  30. Lastly, you’re just perfectly, uniquely you. And there is no one else I would want to spend my life with than you.



Photo by Staci Ann Moore Photography


happy birthday husband - maternity photos by Lacey Rene Studios

Photo by Lacey Rene Studios


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October 7, 2020




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