Behind the scenes: Watch a Missouri family photographer at a motherhood session

Want to peek behind the curtain at what a session is like with me? In this video I show you what that process looks like! Take a look at what it is like as a Missouri family photographer!

Full disclosure, this was supposed to go live a while ago, but editing this video was a lot more intensive than my normal YouTube video editing process. I decided to take the extra time to do it right instead of pushing through and posting it hastily and late. So we had a skip week. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 

Kali | summer motherhood session at Maple Leaf Lake Conservation area | Kelsey Alumbaugh Photography | #motherood #motherhoodsession #motherhoodphotos #strongasamother #kcmophotography

When we finally got a break from the rain, I was able to photograph my friend, Kali, and her two adorable kiddos. Kali was kind enough to agree to let me film some behind the scenes footage while we were there! And because I had to do it myself with a tripod for pull backs and my phone on top of my camera for straight on footage, I am going to speed up some parts of the session versus showing it straight through. 

Some notes from my time with the Rechtermans as a Missouri family photographer: 

  • When picking locations, I am always trying to keep light in mind first. Because it was cloudy, we were facing the sun to keep light on their faces. 
  • I will do just about anything to get smiles from the kiddos and make it fun for them. We race, play red light/green light, spin in circles, run to hug mom and so much more. 
  • I am always trying to keep the poses natural looking and flattering. Sometimes these poses will feel weird, but look awesome. It’s weird like that. 
  • The video is a bit jumpy with the cuts because I had no way of knowing if we’d wandered out of the frame until I was reviewing it later, and sometimes I would turn my camera from horizontal to vertical or vice versa without flipping my phone, which was doing the straight on recording. 

Kali | summer motherhood session at Maple Leaf Lake Conservation area | Kelsey Alumbaugh Photography | #motherood #motherhoodsession #motherhoodphotos #strongasamother #kcmophotography

So I hope that gives you an idea of what it is like to work with me, and I hope to have you in front of my camera soon! Would you like to see behind the scenes of more sessions in the future? 

New videos + blogs go live every Monday, so I’ll see you again then! 

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June 29, 2021




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