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In the spirit of getting to know a bit about me, and not just my business, I wanted to share some things you might not know about me. And I’m going to get real … Which is kind of scary. Personal issues and fears are hard to address, especially online when facial features and body language are taken out of the mix. So, without further ado, here’s eight things you might not know about me.

1. I have a hard time letting things go

Like real tangible things. I am terrified of some memory I will lose by giving something away. It sounds silly, but I put entirely too much emotional energy into keeping clothes. Like the closet at my Mom and Dad’s house still has some of my t-shirts in it because … what if I need them for a t-shirt quilt or something? I am working on letting things go and have been trying to set things aside for the local rummage sale. It’s just hard because sometimes the sentimental value of something that seems so insignificant is hard to get over.

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2. I try so hard to be crafty

I want to make things, and I picture it in my head coming out exactly right. But then something always happens. It’s like a brain to hand miscommunication. Like the one time I forgot water in a cake mix for Justin’s birthday. Another example would be my hand writing. I want to create beautifully hand-lettered designs, and I try to, but it just takes me a lot longer than I’d like. When we have to sign cards or create lists that need to be legible later, I have Justin sign them. I have terrible everyday hand writing that sometimes I can’t even decipher.

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3. I tend to cry more when I’m angry than when I am sad

I don’t know why, but I do. And then I get mad that I am crying and cry harder. It’s a vicious cycle. I’ll get a little teary eyed when I am sad, but unless it’s something devastating (like when Zip, my blue heeler that I had for 14 years passed away – that caused many, many tears) it tends to be over rather quickly. And, I have only happy cried one time – on the beach when Justin proposed.

4. I am a very picky eater

I hate ketchup. I’m not a pie or cobbler fan (cooked fruit creeps me out). Vegetables should not be “hiding” in things unless I make it myself. When we go out for dinner, I will eat the veggies that come with fajitas, but I ask for no veggies in a quesadilla. I prefer it if my food doesn’t touch. I love oranges, but have to pick off all the white, little veins and peel pieces.  I am usually willing to try things, but I just tend to know what I like. I’m strange, I know. 🙂

concordia missouri photographer

5. I want to travel the world, but I hate flying

Mainly just take off and landing, but I have a panic attack. I flew to Arizona to visit family by myself one time (mind you I was 22) and I am pretty sure I terrified the man sitting next to me. I usually have a death grip on the armrests and try not to cry. Justin tries to help by talking to me and distracting me. If I fall asleep during the flight, no one will wake me prior to landing and I just wake up terrified as the wheels hit the tarmac. Once we are airborne, I’m usually okay. I have to be careful about the things I try to do while we are flying though because I do get terribly motion sick.

Concordia Missouri Photographer

6. Sometimes I feel like an imposter

I feel like people won’t take me seriously as a photographer. That they won’t think of it as a profession, but as a hobby. I am trying to change that, both from my perspective and for those around me. It’s not as simple as pushing a button and saying “here you go!” I am constantly learning and growing, both as an entrepreneur and a photographer. It is hard to pinpoint when I will think, “Hey, I’ve made it.” I know I have a lot to offer, and I dream of the day that photography is full-time … I just worry that no one else sees me in the same light.

concordia missouri photographer

7. Envy and self-doubt are two little monsters on my shoulders

“If they can do that, why can’t I?” ” Why don’t I look like that anymore?” “Maybe I’m not cut out for this.” “Maybe I should give up.” “Why isn’t this going the way I thought it would?” The constant stream of questions that could keep me up at night are ridiculous.

I am trying to focus that energy into community over competition and celebrating others’ successes. And, I don’t want to be a bundle of anxious, jealous nerves. I want to help others, to serve them and bring joy into their life. To do that, I am working on recognizing my strengths and trying to use them to help people.

8. The idea of being pregnant terrifies me

Let me preface this by saying I love babies and kids. Justin and I have even talked about it, and we both want kids down the road. The idea of being a mom sounds awesome. However, those nine months of carrying a baby scare me. So many things could happen. I hate throwing up (not that anyone enjoys it). Feeling the baby move inside me…I don’t think anything will prepare me for that. The recurring nightmares of the baby busting out of my stomach “Alien vs. Predator” style don’t help the situation. I know that when it happens we will be so excited, but my brain is a weird place and for now, I am scared of that.

I’m super great with everyone else being pregnant and getting to spoil them and their babies though! I come from a family of baby hogs. Snuggling and spoiling sweet babes is no problem. 🙂

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