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It was so hard to choose the best photos from the amazing maternity, birth and newborn and milestone sessions we had this year. There were so many precious babies this year, you guys! For anyone who knows my family, we are definitely a family of baby hogs. Which means, I loved getting to know (or […]

“I love his noises,” his mom told me. He slept peacefully in his bassinet while everyone was in motion around him. Dishes were being washed. His sister quietly played with Play-Doh. His mom finished a few last-minute touches while his dad changed clothes. Baby boy was unfazed by it all – dozing with his arms […]

They left for the hospital early on a Monday morning. It was finally time to become a family of four. After months of time seeming to fly by and simultaneously feel as though it wasn’t passing at all, they were going to meet their baby boy. Such an exciting day! Kali and Jon went to Centerpoint […]

“Maclyn, where’s Kai?” we ask, as the not-quite-two-year-old rubs her own belly. Then she grins, and looks at her momma. “Kai,” she says as she rubs the baby bump; looking up at all of us smiling. She was full of giggles and amazing facial expressions that made our session go so smooth. We met at […]

Head covered in dark hair, and hands curled by his face, he peeks his little eyes open as he fights sleep. So much was happening. He didn’t want to miss a thing. He makes a few squeaks, which his parents call “chipmunk sounds” before giving up and falling into a deep sleep. With deep, heavy […]

He looks down at her and his face lights up. His wife. The mother of his child. She stares up at him, and the smiles on their faces could outshine the sun. They share kisses and talk about their baby boy’s arrival. Truly genuine smiles spread across their faces as they look at each other. She […]

Ten perfect fingers. Ten tiny toes. Wide open eyes and pretty pink lips. Her head is covered in fine, dark hair. She has a tiny button nose. Her little hand finds its way to her mouth. As she looked around the room, she saw everything. Her perfect little squeaks accompany the constant “shhh shhh shhh” […]

His eyes flutter closed and his breathing evens out. Dark hair covers his little head. His tongue peeks out of his small mouth. One tiny hand curls up by his soft cheek. He slept peacefully. “That’s how his hand was in all his ultrasounds,” his dad said. His itty-bitty little toes were poking out of […]

“It’s just so surreal,” she said while holding her son for the first time. “I can’t believe he’s here.” He smiled down at his wife and son. He was gently rubbing her arm, kissing his wife’s head, and talking in a soft voice to his baby boy telling him how happy he was. Dark hair […]

Once a month, I am going to answer your style questions for the different types of sessions. I often get asked what to wear for a maternity session, and I thought what better way to answer that than to blog about it! Stephanie and Chris just had their session last weekend, and they absolutely knocked […]

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