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Wynn’s Twelfth Month

Man, this post has been hard to write. I can’t believe my sweet boy is already one. It’s just so crazy. Wynn’s twelfth month contained Thanksgiving, birthdays for a few family members, our personal family quarantine after a possible exposure, and a whole lot of new tricks. While the quarantine wasn’t ideal, we did get to spend a lot of time together. We hadn’t been able to do that since I was on maternity leave in March.

Wynn started talking more this month, and he started walking so we had a little bit of trouble with his sleep schedule. I just had to keep reminding myself that everything is a phase. The good, the bad, and all the in between. He eventually got it sorted out and stopped waking up at 5 a.m. everyday.

While I wish my baby was still just my tiny little squish, every month is full of so many new and wonderful things. I feel so lucky to be his mama, and I love watching him grow and learn. He is so smart and observant. He loves laugh and make his scrunch face. Honestly, he’s just the best.

Wynn’s Twelfth Month Memories

  • The weekend after Thanksgiving Wynn started walking. It was just a few steps at first.. like 6 maybe? Then he just took off. And, within a week he went from crawling to something so he could pull up and take off walking to standing up off the ground to start walking. He’s everywhere now.
  • We did 25 books of Christmas starting on December 1, and it was so much fun! Not all of our books were Christmas themed, but most were. Wynn loves the touch and feel books, so those were always his favorite.
  • The Alumbaugh, Inc work party was the weekend after he turned 11 months. Wynn loved playing with the wrapping paper from Dad’s gift. It’s always a good time, and we love going every year. Especially since this was my second Christmas party as an employee and not just family.
  • On Mom’s birthday we went to Jazz for dinner! It was nice to go out, and the tables were all spread apart (plus it was a Monday night) so it wasn’t too crowded. Wynn’s shrimp was a little spicier than he would have liked, but overall it was a great success.
  • We spent Thanksgiving day with Justin’s side of the family. Wynn ate for probably a solid hour, and then loved playing outside since it was so nice. We stopped at my aunt and uncles on our way home so he could have a small dinner and we could see some of my family. It was already so late by they time we got there that we didn’t stay long and then got Wynn all tucked in at home.
  • Justin’s birthday was during our family quarantine so we opened presents at home and continued to just hang out like we did during all of quarantine.
  • Wynn started blowing spit bubbles. He thinks they are awesome.
  • He loves talking on the phone, and especially loves smiling at FaceTime.
  • We spent some time planning his small, family-only birthday party. We went with a Party Animal theme, and he destroyed his cake.
  • Wynn says Mama, Dad (sometimes Dada, but mostly Dad), yes, banana (nanana), num num (when he wants a snack because we were in the habit of going “nom nom nom” when he would eat), all done and recognizes the sign for all done, signs more, and knows the sign for milk.
  • He started clapping and waving, and it’s the cutest.
  • After we wipe Wynn’s hands after meal time we give him the towel and he loves wiping down his high chair tray. He’s all about helping.
  • We had him playing in just his diaper after dinner one day, and he figured out how to take his diaper off. That was alarming, but luckily hasn’t happened again.


Still loves to peek through his legs.

He really enjoys “helping” fold laundry.

On November 30 we had him open his first present, containing some Christmas jams for that night and some new slippers since his Halloween monster feet were getting too small. Perhaps, I may have went a little nuts on the Christmas jams.

I wanted to do matching jams last year, but I couldn’t find any newborn size while I was still pregnant so that we would have them in time, and looking back I was such a hot mess postpartum that it wouldn’t have happened.

I tell myself the dogs love their sweaters.

He loves doing anything Keaston is doing.

He takes his FaceTime victims on adventures. They sometimes get motion sick. Hence, victims.

Baby robes are my favorite!!

Chocolate chip birthday pancakes for the win. 

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