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Wynn’s Third Month

Time, slow down! My baby boy is three months old, and I cannot believe my maternity leave with him is over. Wynn’s third month has been full of so many ups and downs for us as a family, but Wynn is always a bright, happy part of our lives no matter what else is happening. As we rode the roller coaster of emotions through Wynn’s third month, we focused on staying home and enjoying our time with him.

We lost Justin’s older sister to pneumonia on March 8, 2020 and it has been rough. She was a wonderful, beautiful, fiery person, and we miss her everyday. We were able to spend some time with Justin’s side of the family prior to the stay-at-home orders and Wynn was able to meet some family members he hadn’t yet. Her service was hard, but Aaron did an incredible job with her eulogy.

On a more positive note, Wynn’s talking more and more, and his smile can make anything better. I hope you enjoy these photos from Wynn’s third month!

Wynn’s Third Month Memories

  • How happy and excited he is when we wake him from naps or wake him up in the morning, versus when he wakes up himself because he’s hungry.
  • Justin capturing Wynn rolling from front to back all by himself on video.
  • The way he loves this sloth toy our friend, Kali, gave him. It’s the first toy he’s really interacted with!
  • Solidifying our bedtime routine. He eats, then bath time (or some play time if it’s not bath night), lotion, jammies, bedtime story, “I love you”s, swaddle and rock until sleepy. We put him down to bed drowsy, but awake so that he will put himself to sleep. He’s started sleeping 7-9 hours at night between feeds.
  • He’s found his hands and likes to suck on them.
  • And he’s started grabbing at toys, blankets, our shirts, etc. while playing.
  • He kind of laughs, but I don’t think we’ve heard his giggle yet.
  • We should add an extra 30 minutes to an hour to all travel over 1.5-2 hours. Wynn had his first stay in a hotel this month.
  • We are getting really good at the Tula when we dare to venture out or go for quick walks.
  • He loves listening to other kids talk, like his cousins Keaston, Ellie and Cohen.
  • Wynn has started following the dogs with his eyes and he just smiles at them, which is adorable.
  • He loves to kick his bath toys out of the tub, and he kicks his little legs and splashes his arms about and I love it.
  • His two-month doctor’s appointment was on the 25th of February, and he did pretty good. The shots were hard, and he cried, so I cried. But mostly, he was a champ.
  • We survived daylight savings time with minimal sleep change.
  • Wynn still loves his changing table, but he really loves to be any where he can look at us and talk. His bouncy seat, laying on the ottoman, tummy time on the floor, propped in the corner of the couch, etc. 🙂
  • He has started to be more interested in story time. I think he likes the cadence of our voices as we read, and sometimes he looks at the pictures.
  • I love when it’s nice enough for us to go on walks around the neighborhood and get some fresh air! Wynn seems to enjoy being outside and usually falls asleep.


Proof my happy baby is, on occasion, just a bit grumpy.

Wynn's third month

Wynn's third month

Wynn's third month

Wynn's third month Wynn's third month

Wynn's third month

BOB jogging stroller - wynn's third month BOB jogging stroller - wynn's third month

El Toro Higginsville - wynn's third month El Toro Higginsville - wynn's third month El Toro Higginsville - wynn's third month El Toro Higginsville - wynn's third month

wooden rattle - wynn's third month

Tummy Time - wynn's third month

Bath Time - Wynn's third month

Wynn's Third month

tula carrier - wynn's third month

tummy time - wynn's third month happy baby - wynn's third month

My favorite smile 🙂

wynn's third month blue eyes - wynn's third month

I love his eyes!

Baby legs - wynn's third month

Assistant photographer - Wynn's third month

Wynn's Third month

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