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Wynn’s Tenth Month

How are we here already? I am probably one of the few people who wants 2020 to just slow down because my baby is becoming more and more like a toddler every day. I cannot believe this is happening, and that time is going so quickly. Yes, I know I’m a broken record when it comes to talking about how quickly time is passing with Wynn, BUT IT’S TRUE!

Some highlights from this month: 1. We went to a wedding for one of my cousin’s.Wynn missed bedtime by like two+ hours, but he wasn’t ever very fussy. As long as he could play or crawl about, he was happy. 2. We photographed a wedding for Justin’s cousin, and Wynn spent the day with my mom. They had a good time. 3. Justin and I celebrated three years of marriage. We went out for our first childless date night ever, and Wynn had a blast with my parents.

Wynn’s Tenth Month Memories

  • Wynn is constantly making this “Tttt ttt ttt” sound, and it sounds like he’s scolding us.
  • He puts the ball in hole on his toy – which is just a wooden box with a hole on top and a tray to catch the ball. We’re very proud.
  • He can crawl so fast!
  • Wynn still loves to jump, and now he also dances. It is adorable!
  • He can stand on his own for a few seconds, but isn’t walking yet.
  • We went to a wedding at the end of September for one of my cousins, and made a big day of it with the wedding, stopping at a friend’s birthday party and then going to the reception. Then he stayed up past bedtime and did surprisingly well.
  • We spent quite a bit of time with family in from out of town for the wedding, and it’s always so good to see them.
  • Wynn is obsessed with the steering wheel in the truck. He loves to stand in my lap while we are parked and play with the steering wheel, turning the volume knob, flicking on the blinker or turning the wipers on.
  • We gave him a Boo Basket on October 1 with halloween books and pajamas, and I think it’s a tradition I want to continue as he gets bigger. I’m a bit obsessed with getting him books.
  • He loves to stick his bottom lip out, and I laugh every time.
  • Wynn tucks his leg up in his high chair while he eats, which is also how I sit at the table with him during breakfast and lunch. Whoops? But it’s so cute!
  • He really loves swinging and being outside.
  • Wynn has his pincer grasp and picks up his puffs with just his index finger and thumb. 🙂
  • He coasts along the furniture all the time, and loves pushing his walking toys. Or a turned over laundry basket. Or the kitchen chair.
  • He loves his tunnel! He will just crawl back and forth between it all the time.
  • Wynn has his first molar coming in on the lower left side. It’s not so fun. He pulls at his ear a lot because it bothers him. (Yes, this is why he pulls at his ears, we did go to the doctor.)
  • We were finally able to get Wynn baptized! We had started planning right before the lockdown happened, but ended up waiting. We had a private baptism with just family, and it was perfect.
  • On Saturdays, we went to Keaston’s football games and Wynn enjoyed yelling back at the cheerleaders while they cheered.
  • We went to the pumpkin patch with my sister’s family after one of my nephew’s football games. Apple cider donuts and slushies, slides, picking out pumpkins and so much more. It was the beginning of a great tradition, in my opinion.
  • Diaper changes and nursing are becoming Olympic level events.. or alligator wrestling. He doesn’t want to be still, ever.
  • We are still nursing. My goal to make it to a year and then work on weaning. We haven’t had to supplement yet, and are very lucky and grateful.
  • He rode the Lazy Susan on Grandma’s Kitchen table – an Alumbaugh baby tradition.
  • We had to do some rearranging with childcare, so Wynn spent a bunch of Tuesdays and Thursday with his dad, and it was amazing.
  • Christi picked up a new walker at IKEA for us so we wouldn’t have to make the trip, and when we stoped by to pick it up Ower took Wynn for a gator ride, and it was the cutest thing. Owen’s gator has a seatbelt on the passenger side, and he went slow the whole time. Wynn held on and thought it was just so cool.


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