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Wynn’s Sixth Month

Wynn’s sixth month was full of so many firsts. First time at the golf course, first time swimming, first time eating food – it was an amazing month. We celebrated two family birthdays, and we became sticklers for bedtime after sleep training. It was a good month and though we may not be exploring the world as much as we’d like, we are having a great time watching Wynn grow.

His six month check up went well and Wynn is pretty much in the 95th percentile overall. He’s a healthy boy, and he’s so smart. I am loving watching his personality develop and just so proud to be his mama.

Below are some of my favorite memories from the month, and a ton of photos, of course. Enjoy!

Wynn’s Sixth Month Memories

  • We switched to sleep sack, got his arm stuck in the slats and woke up at 430 or 530 for multiple nights. It’s like everything we learned from the newborn sleep class went out the window once we took Wynn out of the sleep suit, and he wouldn’t even put himself to sleep.
  • Owen’s birthday
  • His top two teeth came through. Has six teeth now!!
  • He loves to push up on his toes and almost looks like he’s in downward dog. Baby yoga anyone?
  • Speaking of dogs, he LOVES to pet (i.e. grab) the dogs and smiles or laughs when they pay attention to him. Wynn just loves when they will come over to him while he plays in his activity center.
  • Jared came over for jambalaya one night and Wynn has his first sit down dinner with us all – well he sat in high chair while we ate. He didn’t eat any food. But he played really well and we were all able to eat together.
  • We spent the whole afternoon one Saturday golfing and he loved it. Justin golfed. I entertained Wynn and took pictures. Wynn even took a nap outside while we rode around. It was his first time on the golf course, and he loved it!
  • He is doing good with sitting up, and he’s almost got the hang of it all by himself.
  • Wynn loves jumping! Jumping while you hold him, or when he’s in his activity center – he just loves to jump.
  • Wynn went swimming for the first time and we think he likes it! We went the week before Keaston’s birthday and then again that day. 🙂
  • We put him in my walker from when I was a tot and let him move about the garage – highly supervised and Karley was always right next to him while I took photos. He wasn’t so sure at first, but really just kept jumping to the side.
  • On June 12, we started food with sweet potatoes. We made him a purée, but still let him feed himself. We are also doing baby led feeding, and giving Wynn strips of food to feed himself. So he eats what we eat most of the time. I will just cut his food in strips and prepare it without spices. And boy, does he LOVE to eat.
  • Keaston’s birthday party was a ton of fun and Wynn was able to see quite a bit of family. He did great napping outside, and he’s just such an easy-going baby. He adores Keaston, and I’m so glad we were able to be there for his special day.
  • We spent a lot of weekends at Mom and Dad’s while Justin helped Dad with the backyard before Keaston’s birthday party. We have the Slumberpod over there over a Pack’n’Play and it works so well for Wynn to be able to get a good nap in without being held.


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