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Wynn’s Seventh Month

Wynn’s seventh month has been full of so many fun memories and time spent with family. He has such an amazing personality and he is so sweet. I love watching him grow and learn new things, and I am so proud of him always. This may seem like picture overload, but I just don’t know how to choose!

These blog posts are more for my benefit than anything else. I already love looking back at the posts from Wynn’s first months and seeing how he’s grown and reliving all the fun memories. Please just know when I talk about how we are still breastfeeding or any of Wynn’s stats (teeth, weight, the things he’s currently doing) it is all for us to remember when Wynn did these things. Every baby is different. 🙂

Wynn’s Seventh Month Memories

  • Father’s Day golfing was one of the highlights this month! We went to the golf course with my mom and dad, Karley and her boyfriend and Justin’s brother, Jared. Wynn wore his little golf outfit and loved spending the day outside. He was so good, and even took one of his naps while we drove around.
  • He has eight teeth, and there are two more coming in!
  • We spent our Fourth of July at home. Wynn really liked the sparkler we lit for him in the backyard, but that’s about all we did in the way of fireworks. We went for a walk as a family in the morning. Wynn was scared by some other dogs barking and Watson put herself between Wynn and the other dogs. There is a 50/50 shot she wanted to play or was protecting Wynn. Unsure, but I know which one I want to believe.
  • Baby led weaning is going so well! Wynn loves to eat, and he’s so proud whenever he does it himself. He loves his GOOtensils and they are the easiest for him to handle.
  • He is loving “My Mom is Magical”, “My Dad is Amazing” and “Moo, Baa, Lalala” every night before bed. There is this part of “My Dad is Amazing” that says, “Funnier than a bunch of underpants” and Wynn laughs almost every time.
  • Wynn is doing so great at putting himself to sleep for bedtime. We did have some early wake ups around the Fourth of July, so we tried to drop a nap and it did not go well at first. He pretty much just wouldn’t take naps for a couple days, but we got it evened out and he’s doing much better!
  • Wynn spent a week with Grandma and the Dragos, and he loved every minute of it.
  • Wedding on July 10, and he did great with bedtime for Justin
  • We went to Lindsey’s baby shower and had fun celebrating her upcoming arrival.
  • I wrote this right after the wedding on July 10 “He’s pretty much crawling. He can move across the blanket to get whatever he’s set his sights on, and he almost has the hand and leg coordination down!”
  • And then, he started crawling on July 14, 2020!! He gets around so well and we are so proud of him. He is up on hands and knees with his belly off of the floor unless he needs to turn around, then he lays down to spin around and gets up to take off again. His crawling did trigger some early wakings for about a week, but the “ABC’s of Sleep” says that’s normal when babies learn a new skill.
  • Wynn still loves jumping and if you stand him up he just starts jumping and laughing – which is always adorable.
  • He gets slap happy when he’s tired and EVERYTHING is funny.
  • We are trying some baby sign language, and started after Wynn was 6 months old. On Sunday the 19th, I asked Wynn if he was ready for milk and did the sign and he crawled across the floor with a big smile on his face and tried to latch before I was even ready. It was so sweet.
  • Wynn loves to blow raspberries or poop kisses on everyone. My cheek, my shoulder, my arm, Justin’s knee one time. He just loves to do it. Although sometimes he gets a bit ornery and ends the kiss with a bite, but we are working on it.


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