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Wynn’s Second Month

How am I already writing this blog post? I cannot believe my sweet baby boy is already two months old. It still feels like we were JUST coming home from the hospital. This month has been so amazing though. Wynn has started smiling, and he’s so close to laughing. I could listen to him babble all day long. He is more alert and noticing more, and it’s so fun to watch his little world expand. His personality is developing and I am exciting to see him grow.

This month we’ve gone to basketball games, watched the Super Bowl with friends, and realized that grocery pick up is amazing. We are slowly finding our groove as parents of this amazing boy. We know that he likes to be home in the evenings so we can keep it dark and quiet while we all relax. Not going to lie, we watch a lot of shows with captions.

This coming week we have a two month doctor’s appointment and will be getting vaccinations. I am not looking forward to that. If you missed month one, you can view that here.

Wynn’s Second Month Memories

  • Wynn has started noticing things, like his reflection or some toys. he’s finally grabbing onto toys hanging in his carseat or from his activity mat. He used to immediately open his hand if he wasn’t grabbing a hand/finger. It was like he didn’t like the texture.
  • Those first couple nights he went 5+ hours between feedings and I felt like superwoman the next day (praise hands emoji)
  • Banner has started going to check on Wynn when he fusses in his crib. When Wynn made a noise and I would get up to check on him the dogs would eventually follow. Now when Wynn makes noises, Banner is already up and looking at me like, “Are you coming?” One day during Wynn’s 5th week I was showering and had the video monitor going on my phone. I heard Wynn fuss a bit so I peeked at the monitor and watched as he settled himself and went back to sleep. When I got out of the shower and went into his nursery, Banner was laying in there like he was watching over him.
  • He has started smiling and it is the greatest thing ever. I love when his big grin just lights up his whole face.
  • Wynn is recognizing our faces and voices, and he’ll look for them when we are talking.
  • I always want to remember the way we cuddle for some of his afternoon naps. He likes to snuggle up with his chest up against mine while his head is tucked in the crook of my elbow.
  • We ordered a Tula this month and it is amazing! I love wearing Wynn around, and it’s so much easier than the wrap.
  • He HATES the Momaroo so much, but loves his $30 bouncy seat. Whatever works, kid. Side note: We may be willing to part with the Momaroo in the near future.
  • When it comes to naps, he is much better at putting himself to sleep and taking crib naps at the beginning of the day. As the day goes on he gets fussier and likes it dark and quiet.
  • He’s starting to enjoy bath time. It’s fun to see Wynn start to kick his legs and splash a bit while in his tub. We also had to start using conditioner because the boy has so much hair.
  • Speaking of Wynn’s hair, it’s starting to look red. Especially when the sun hits it!
  • As time goes on we are getting the hang of running errands and going out and about. The Tula helps with this immensely, and makes it way easier for me to go places by myself. Like Target. I love a good Target run.
  • Right before he turned 2 months we started doing a bottle for his 4 p.m. feeding. Justin feeds him and they get to hang out, and Wynn gets used to bottles before eventually going to daycare at the end of March.
  • I never want to forget the middle of the night feedings. There is something about it, and he makes the sweetest sleepy faces when he’s done.

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