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Wynn’s Ninth Month

The months are flying by faster and faster lately. Wynn is learning so much so quickly that it feels like once we reach one milestone he’s racing towards the next one. His personality is truly wonderful, and brings so much joy to our family. He’s just wonderful.

This month we really tried to work on being flexible. Wynn has been on a schedule (mostly) since he was a newborn. We tried to implement one during the day when he was weeks old by using the Taking Cara Babies newborn class, and following a schedule has really helped with my anxiety. It’s not always exact or to the minute, but having those guidelines for our days seems to make things easier. But, life does not always happen during his awake windows, so we are trying to follow the 80/20 rule. If 80 percent of the time Wynn is mostly on his sleep schedule, it’s okay if we have important things going on the other 20 percent. Like my Mema’s birthday!

Wynn’s nine-month doctor’s appointment was on the 21st, and he is doing well! He’s mostly in the 95th percentile all around, except height is a little lower. But they told us he’d be tall (whatever that means? Justin wants a number. I did not ask that question. Whoops.) Other happenings this month: an entire day away from Wynn that he spent with his Dad while I was at a bachelorette, a couple days being on #teamnonap and skipping his morning nap, Keaston started tackle football and Wynn naps during his games, and we are just enjoying life.

Wynn’s Ninth Month Memories

  • Wynn loves to crawl under things, and once almost got stuck under an end table/behind a chair at Grandma’s house.
  • We went on a trip to see Cindy and Kristi, and it was so nice to spend time with them. Wynn did okay on the trip down, but didn’t nap on the way home. And we had two poopy diaper tailgate changes on the way there. While we were there, he loved his Grandma and cousins. He and Cohen seemed to get along especially well. 🙂
  • We heard the “dadadada” sound on the monitor! So we have some “Mama” and some “Dada,” but he’s not really always using them when talking to/about us. He does yell “Mamaaaaaa!!!!” when he’s crying and upset in his crib, and it breaks my heart.
  • Wynn really likes the “bababa” sound or “puh” as a whisper.
  • He gets really upset if we are eating in front of him without offering food to him as well – like if I grab a snack he thinks he also needs a snack. Which is fair.
  • Wynn loves getting to sit in his highchair for meal times. We put on music, wash hands and then sit down for dinner. In fact, if we put him in the high chair and don’t feed him he gets very upset and confused.
  • He has been biting his crib. There were some mornings I found paint on his face. Luckily, he stopped doing that.
  • He hugs me when I pick him up. I love when he wraps his little arms around my neck. My sweet boy gives the best hugs.
  • My ornery boy bangs on the high chair tray when he wants more. He recognizes the sign for “more” and gets excited, but he doesn’t sign it back yet.
  • We changed up his bedtime routine to separate that feeding from when he lays in the crib so that he will put himself to sleep. It was a rough couple of nights, but worked out better for us.
  • Wynn pulls up on furniture and cruises along the side of it.
  • He loves Keaston’s old walking dinosaur – seen in so many photos below.
  • We went to eat out at Texas Roadhouse, and it was so fun! Wynn did so good, and his steak bites and broccoli weren’t too messy.
  • He has starting to pet the dogs as they walk by, and not pull their hair. He has a really hard time learning he cannot have their chew bones, though.
  • We now use an actual toothbrush instead of the frida toothbrush and he loves brushing his teeth in the morning and before bed.
  • He likes when Justin spins his stacking cups on the living room floor.
  • Wynn thinks the vacuum is awesome, and loves when I wear him while vacuuming.
  • He has started having some separation anxiety. Wynn cries when I leave or if I have someone else hold him when he just wants me, especially when it’s close to meal times or bedtime.
  • Wynn is wearing 18 month clothes.
  • We went to Mema’s birthday dinner, we were flexible with bedtime and it was a lot of fun to celebrate her. We are really working to be more flexible with bed and nap time. Trying to have the 80/20 rule and reminding myself that life doesn’t always happen during his awake windows.
  • Over the weekend before he turned 9 months we had a Mama/Wynn day out. We went to Target and grabbed some Chipotle to-go, which we then ate on the tailgate, picnic style.
  • Favorite foods: shrimp, oranges, chicken, bananas, applesauce, peanut butter toast, smoothie cups, avocados, shredded cheese, chicken
  • Favorite books: Don’t touch a dinosaur, finger trail books and his three bedtime books.



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October 2, 2020




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