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Wynn’s Fourth Month

Going back to work at the beginning of Wynn’s fourth month was incredibly hard, and this month has been so different from his three other months of life. The stay at home orders due to COVID-19 and social distancing meant we missed out on a lot of family time and celebrations we would normally have had. We haven’t been to a Sunday night dinner at my mom and Dad’s in almost 2 months. Easter gatherings were put-off due to stay-at-home orders.

Wynn’s first Easter was just us and the dogs celebrating. Salem UCC held service through Facebook live. We didn’t do an egg hunt for Wynn at our house because it would have just been Justin hiding eggs from me or vice versa. However, he did have eggs in his basket. His eggs just had change in them so he could shake them. Also in his Easter basket were some new onesies and pajamas (9-month) because the boy is growing so quickly.

Wynn’s four month appointment was on Tuesday. He’s in the 95th -99th percentile for all things, and just a skosh over 20 pounds. I was not excited for more shots and his little tears. He tensed up right away this time and has three little bruises on his legs. Overall though, he’s doing well and he’s healthy!

I hope you enjoy all the photos from Wynn’s fourth month!

Wynn’s Fourth Month Memories

  • He’s laughing!! Oh my goodness, it started on March 21, so literally at the start of his fourth month and it is amazing.
  • His schedule was thrown off at the beginning of the month and sleep was not so great for a bit. But he is back to sleeping through the night, mostly, and puts himself back to sleep within a minute or two if he does wake up. Naps were a struggle for a bit as well. If we put him down in his nursery he will go to sleep fine, but wakes up in 30-45 minutes instead of the hour and half nap we get if he’s being held. Possibly something to do with too much light, and we are working towards correcting this. His first nap of the day is getting longer.
  • We have started doing animal sounds when playing. “Cows say mooooo. Horses go neigh. What sound does Wynn make?” Usually he smiles when we “moo,” “neigh,” “meow” or “tweet, tweet, tweet.”
  • During this COVID-19 time we are making FaceTime calls to a lot of family members and sending a ton of photos. He tolerates FaceTime and it’s hit or miss if he’ll talk back to people. Wynn gets so entranced by the lights coming from the phone he just stops talking until we hang up.
  • He is taking in more of the world all the time and we are getting longer awake periods, which means more baby smiles and wonderful little sounds.
  • Wynn still LOVES his changing table, and he talks up a storm while we change clothes or diapers.
  • We have started naked baby playtime on the nights we don’t do a bath. We lay Wynn on a towel on his activity mat, and put a washcloth over him so he doesn’t pee everywhere and he thinks it’s amazing.
  • He has started looking at books during story time, and still really loves black and white. We bought him this book for tummy and play time.
  • Wynn loves to sit up and look around. Often if we have him reclined in his lounger he’s holding his head up and flexing his little abs trying to sit up.
  • He is still exclusively breastfed, and I am able to put quite a few ounces away everyday. So far I think I have 400+ ounces stored.
  • He is actually playing with toys. Wynn will hold them if we place them in his hand, and he loves his activity mat. He’ll reach up and grab at the different toys hanging down from it.
  • Wynn loves his Mama. He smiles at me if someone is holding him across the room and he sees me. I can totally understand why being a “mama’s boy” is something that makes a boy mom’s heart melt.
  • He sucks on his hands, my hand, my arm – anything he can get in his mouth right now.
  • He’s started chewing on his pacifiers and putting some toys in his mouth
  • When we are in the car he loves to look the mirror in the backseat, play with his Skwish or this play mat.
  • Wynn loves blankets, and holding them. His sloth lovies, receiving blankets, burp clothes – he loves to clutch everything to his chest and/or chew on it. He has been grabbing stuffed animals, blankets, soft toys.
  • He makes the best facial expressions and really gets those eyebrows into them!
  • The amount of drool is ridiculous and at one point with the drooling and the chewing at the end of March I thought Wynn was teething. Turns out, Easter weekend and that next week his two front bottom teeth broke through. I think he’ll have his top two before he’s 5 months.
  • He has started wearing little bandana bibs to combat the drool, and all of the spitting up happening lately. If we don’t get a good burp, spit up. Sit up too fast? Spit up. Lay on our tummy? Spit up. It’s rarely a large amount, just enough that the bib is becoming necessary.
  • We got out his activity center last week and he loves to play in it and be able to see the world around him!


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