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Wynn’s Fifth Month

This month flew by! Time is going way too fast and my sweet baby boy is getting so big! Wynn’s fifth month was interesting, and he seems to constantly be making leaps and bounds developmentally. I swear he’s just take off walking if his little body would let him. He constantly leans like he wants you to put him down so he can take off, but the boy is not capable of crawling or walking yet and he gets so mad.

Towards the end of his fifth month he became much better at taking his bottle. There was a night right at the beginning of May when I was at an engagement session and once Wynn woke from his evening catnap he spent two solid hours scream crying at Justin and refusing his bottle. Just would not take it! It hasn’t happened again (knock on wood), and hopefully it was just an off night for our little man.

This month held my first Mother’s day, so that was exciting! Wynn and Justin gave me a ring that has Wynn’s birth stone all around it that I wear on the other side of my engagement ring. I love it so much, and it means the world to me. We spent the morning at home, relaxing. Then we went to Higginsville to visit my grandmas, and had dinner at my mom and dad’s house.

We spent quite a bit of time at my mom and dad’s house on the weekends over this month. A few month ago a water line broke in the back yard right where it went into my parents basement. They’d had a big wooden deck when you walked out the back door for as long as I can remember, and it only got bigger when the pool was put in when I was 11. Well, long story short the water line is fixed, the deck is gone, and my dad has been doing a lot of stone work to make a new giant patio situation in the backyard with a self-imposed June 13 deadline for my nephew’s birthday. So when we have the time, Justin helps him in the backyard and Wynn and I hang out.

Wynn’s fifth month memories

  • Wynn loves his activity center, and he especially loves to jump! I think he really loves getting to stand up and spin around to play.
  • Our baby is a definite mama’s boy – and I LOVE IT. We love to laugh and play together and it makes my day to see him light up when I come into the room.
  • Wynn has started giving “kisses.” He basically open mouth drools on my cheek, but he grabs my face to position me just so and makes noises while doing it. I love it. He gets Grandma with kisses sometimes as well.
  • He is a super happy baby and smiles so much! I love when he smiles at me just for talking to him, and his laugh is the best sound in the world.
  • He’s definitely talking more, and has discovered volume. He really likes to yell, just because.
  • Wynn has started rolling back to front all the time. He likes tummy time if he is the one to roll to his tummy, but sometimes gets stuck there. He is still figuring out rolling front to back.
  • Wynn loved his Magic Merlin sleep suit, but we knew it couldn’t last forever. We tried the Zipadee Zip during some naps, but Wynn was pretty unhappy in it.  He loved having his hands free while in the sleep suit and our plan is to switch him over to a sleep sack so he can have those free.
  • We bought him these blocks that he loves! They are soft and he can chew on them. Plus, he loves to knock them over, so when they fall on him they don’t hurt.
  • He can sit in his high chair, but we haven’t had him sit in it for a meal with us yet. He’s still exclusively breastfed, and we aren’t sure when we’ll start solids. When Wynn has been in his high chair, I am usually washing bottles or something quick in the kitchen.
  • He enjoys riding in the car and looking out the windows. Sometimes he will just laugh as we are driving, and it makes me smile.
  • Wynn watches us eat and he wants to stick his hands in everything. If I’m trying to take a drink, he usually tries to grab it for himself.
  • He wants to sit up in the bath to get his bath toys, but he’s not too stable just yet. He’s much better at the end of this month than he was at the beginning but still not 100 percent yet.
  • We have started playing on the floor with the dogs around so that when he starts moving they will know how to act around him.
  • Wynn loves when we talk to him, or just hearing us talk to each other. Sometimes as Justin and I talk he will just lay still and look back and forth listening to us.
  • He and Justin have a special routine in the morning. Justin will change his diaper and take his owlet off while I get Wynn’s things together for the day and get ready to feed him breakfast. I hear Wynn laughing from the nursery every morning.
  • Wynn loves being naked. Naked baby playtime makes him incredibly happy.
  • He enjoys being outside. I’m trying to decide if we should get a kiddie pool for the backyard for the summer. But we’ll have to get two because the dogs LOVE kiddie pools and will be in it as well splashing all the water out.
  • Wynn LOVES grabbing his toes and rocking back and forth.
  • He will wear his sunglasses and hat without fussing with them or trying to take them off. He really doesn’t like the sun in his eyes, so the shades are a definite plus.
  • Wynn loves to be outside. He enjoys sitting on the deck swing with Grandma, or going for walks and just getting to take it all in.


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