Wynn’s Eleventh Month

NOOO!!! My sweet baby is less than a month away from turning one and I. AM. NOT. READY! I feel like I say this all the time – I really am so excited to be able to watch Wynn grow, but it’s all happening way to fast.

He’s growing so much, and learning so much. It is so fun to watch him master new skills and hit milestones. But, like, where my little squish who laid about all day and snuggled me all the time?

Month 11 was a busy one. I had a photo shoot for a KC magazine and he spent the day with his Koko (Karley) and JJ. There were a lot of sessions and time away from him but we made time for our own family photos as well. We celebrated Halloween and a wedding, survived daylight savings time and voted in the election. Wynn’s eleventh month was a good one.

Wynn’s eleventh month memories

  • Wynn is moving between furniture. He will be walking along using the couch, and then pivot and go to the ottoman. He’s so close to walking!
  • His first Halloween was so much fun! I made his costume, and he was Maverick from Top Gun. I had to dye it and sew on patches, but I loved it!
  • On Halloween, Sharla and Clark got married. And Wynn saw fireworks for the first time towards the end of the night.
  • The week before Halloween we took fall family photos, and I am in love with them! Since we got married, Justin and I have tried to have our photos taken in October every year.
  • I had so many sessions over the past month, and Wynn even came with me to the Munson session. Justin ended up wearing him. 🙂
  • Wynn spent all of the Tuesdays and Thursdays during the past few weeks with me. I absolutely love having this time with him.
  • He also came with me to vote!
  • We got a new bib that has the little pouch to catch the food he drops. Wynn realized this means he has snacks in his bib.
  • Wynn had his hair cut for the first time on November 17. I was an emotional mess about it, but I’m an emotional mess about everything.
  • We bought a felt Christmas tree, and Wynn is probably a little young for it. He loved it, but velcro pieces would come off so we ended up taking it down. That first day though, he played nicely with it for like 2o minutes.
  • My friend Rosina has a son a couple months older than Wynn. Wynn met Oscar for the first time and it was SO CUTE! They even held hands.
  • He is really interested in having books read to him, and loves to turn the pages.
  • We’ve spent a couple days at the park, and I love the swings at this park in Warrensburg. Wynn is in the baby swing facing me while I swing and I love it. .
  • We also taught him to scrunch his nose and sniff. It is adorable.
  • He said Mama, and meant me! Said it as he held his arms up for me to pick him up.
  • Wynn has started biting his thumb as his molars come in. He’s not sucking on it, but spends a lot of time with his thumb in his mouth .
  • He loves to dance. If any music comes on he will either sway side to side while standing against something, or bounce in place. If he’s sitting he will clasp his hands and move side to side.
  • We went to several of Keaston’s football games, and really enjoys yelling back at the cheerleaders during their cheers.
  • This boy loves food. If you’re eating in front of him you better be prepared to share, because he’s coming for it.
  • He did a really good job when we went to get part one of his flu shot! The nurse practitioner made him a little toy with a popsicle stick/tongue depressor and two stickers. He was obsessed.


I love how he greets me when I come to pick him up!!

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December 13, 2020




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