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Tour of our home: Wynn’s Nursery

Wynn’s nursery is probably my favorite room in our house. The first thing we decided to do was to paint it. The walls had been a dark yellow, and I knew I wanted them white and bright. Justin tackled this task all by himself on a day off, and I am so grateful. We take all of Wynn’s monthly photos when he’s on the white blanket in the white onesie in here. His room has two windows. All the natural light bouncing off those white walls makes me so happy!

We do have some pretty heavy blackout curtains on the windows for naps and bedtime. We took the Taking Cara Babies sleep class, and she recommends light being associated with awake time and dark being associated with sleep. Wynn does go down quicker for naps than he did before we hung them up.

When we started talking about the theme of the room, we were trying to decide on something gender neutral, and while walking around one day Justin said, “What about sloths?” And just like that, we were sold! The sloth theme is subtle throughout his room so that as Wynn gets older we can change it if he’d like. To be honest, this post has been on my calendar for months, but I kept putting it off. I hope you enjoy getting a tour of Wynn’s nursery! I’ve tried to include why we set things up a certain way for any of you expecting mama’s looking for inspiration!

Setting up Wynn’s Nursery

When we were deciding how to set up Wynn’s nursery we wanted to maximize space and storage. We wouldn’t have room for a bookshelf, so we decided on IKEA picture ledges above his laundry basket. And we knew we’d need more storage than one shelf and a clothes rack in the closet. We got this shelf from IKEA and these baskets, and I love it.

One thing we knew for sure – we wanted a recliner that rocked so that I would be comfortable while feeding him, and I slept in it the first few night we had Wynn at home while Wynn slept in his crib. We had an end table set up, and all of my breastfeeding things, as well as a few pacifiers, are in a tote that lives on the table. When we aren’t taking pictures of the room, there’s a TV tray set up on  the other side so that I can have a place to put things no matter which side I am feeding Wynn on.

I love his sloth sheets! And for maximizing storage we put things under his crib that we are not currently using. My cousin’s wife, Christi, gave me a great piece of advice for Wynn’s crib sheets, and that is to layer them. So we have the mattress, a mattress pad, a fitted sheet, another mattress pad and then another fitted sheet. This way if Wynn pees through or makes a mess in the middle of the night I can just peel off the top layers and not have to remake the bed. When we are not taking pictures, the crib is not used to hold the curtain back. His crib is pulled away from the wall, and he wouldn’t be able to pull it through the slats.

On the nightstand there’s a caddy that has nipple cream, breast pads, pacifiers, the Haakaa, and chapstick in it. The Hatch sound machine lives here, and a clock. We use this portable sound machine in our room since Wynn still sleeps in there through the night in his Pack ‘n Play. I keep a box of breast pads on the shelf, and the cord for charging my breast pump is plugged into a power strip. Wynn’s Promptly journal is kept in the drawer so that it’s close, but safe from any water or breast milk spills.

I love having this poof in front of the recliner because I can prop my feet up, but still rock Wynn!

Wynn received this sloth piggy bank for Christmas from my aunt and uncle, and we love it!

RIBBA picture frames are my favorite!

We bought these baskets from Amazon. We keep diapers in one, and some sloth lovies and toys in the other. In the baskets to the right we have diaper cream, his vitamin D drops, saline drops and the nose Frida, extra pacifiers, gas drops, Tylenol, his comb and nail clippers. We just have a basic changing pad, and I love the sloth cover. Justin built the frame for the changing pad, and the piece in the back is larger and hooks the changing pad to the dresser. We knew we wouldn’t have space for a changing table and dresser, so made the dresser work as both.

We used drawer organizers to set up his dresser. On the left side of the dresser we have changing table pads, bags for us Ubbi diaper pale, extra wipey packs (the one we are using lives on the changing pad), burp rags and boogie wipes in the top drawer; his socks, white onesies and pants in the middle drawer; and muslin blankets, receiving blankets, towels, and wash clothes. On the right we have pajamas in the top drawer, clean sheets in the middle drawer, and fuzzy blankets for outside use in the bottom drawer.

We have onesies and clothes we’ve purchased while traveling on the left, his little robe, 6-9 month clothes, bibs all hooked to one hanger, 3-6 month clothes  and then some overalls. He can still wear some 3-6 month things, but mostly the 6-9 month clothes fit better. We take clothes that he can no longer wear out of the drawers/closet so we aren’t trying to force him into something that’s too small.

We have a wreath hook hanging over his nursery door and we use it to hang up his diaper bag when we are home.

About the room

A little history about the room, it was actually Justin’s room whenever he first bought the house. Justin and one of our friends were roommate before he and I lived together. When I moved in, we were both in this room until Eric moved out. Then we made our room the back bedroom, and Justin’s room became the guest bedroom. In min 2019, it was then Jared’s room. Jared is Justin’s twin brother, and he lived with us for a bit while he was in the process of buying his own house. Wynn’s nursery has had a lot of inhabitants!

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