Thirty favorite things about watching Justin be a dad

Happy Father’s Day, babe! You are amazing, and I wanted to use my thirty things post this month to celebrate you. Wynn and I love you so much, and we hope your first Father’s Day is amazing, because you deserve nothing less. Below you’ll find my thirty favorite things about watching you be a dad. Enjoy. 🙂

  1. You put our family first.
  2. The way Wynn smiles when you talk to or play with him will always bring a smile to my face.
  3. When we are home before you come in from work and we meet you in the kitchen for a “Dad’s home!” party, and when you smile at Wynn he just beams back at you.
  4. You never shy away from a poopy diaper.
  5. I love your never ending patience.
  6. You let Wynn use you as a jungle gym anytime he wants to crawl all over you.
  7. I adore how proud you look any time you talk about Wynn.
  8. You take care of so many things around the house while I am nursing Wynn, and I am so appreciative.
  9. Wynn loves when you’re part of the morning wake up routine.
  10. You’re just so wonderful with him.
  11. We always talk about how cool Wynn is, and I love how much you love him.
  12. You fold all of his laundry, and have pretty much folded all of it for all time. Because you’re amazing.
  13. You took getting peed on like a champ because it happened often in the beginning.
  14. When we first brought Wynn home you’d stay up late while I slept on the couch and wake up extra early to hang out with Wynn after I fed him so I could try to sleep. Forever grateful for that.
  15. You are interested in learning all about his development and when he hits milestones it is always such an incredible feeling.
  16. It’s nice when people notice the things that make Wynn look like you. 🙂
  17. When we all went golfing together one Saturday, you loved having him there while you got to do something you loved. I am excited for you to share that with him as he gets bigger.
  18. I cannot wait (but I mean I can, because Wynn should stay this size forever) for you to teach him so many things. Even just the everyday things.
  19. You are so proud of our schedule that helped us get our good little sleeper and our great eater. I think if anyone asks you for dad advice, you always talk about the schedule.
  20. When you call Wynn “Spud.”
  21. I love the way Wynn talks to you with all his little yells and nonsense.
  22. I love when Wynn gives you hugs.
  23. Mostly, I love that you just want to be there and be such a good dad. Not that I would ever expect any less from you, because you’re amazing, but Wynn is so lucky to have a dad who loves him as much as you do.
  24. Our bedtime routine is one of my favorite parts of the day. I love that you get to hold Wynn in the recliner while we read stories.
  25. It makes me happy that he has red hair like you. Well, it looks red most days.
  26. I love hearing him giggle as you do the stinky feet routine in the morning.
  27. There are times when the exhaustion of being a new parent can make me a little crabby, and you have never once made me feel bad about that. You aren’t just great to Wynn, you’re so great with me – even on my crazy days.
  28. I will never forget the way you looked when we saw Wynn for the first time.
  29. Even when he cries for two straight hours while I’m at a session, you kept your cool and tried to calm him down.
  30. You’re an incredible father, husband, partner – and I am so lucky to go through this life with you.

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June 21, 2020




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