Thirty favorite things about Banner and Watson

Our pups are something else. They think they are still only 10 pounds, love to lay on top of us, and are just not so sure about Wynn yet. We love their weird little personalities and quirks, so for this months thirty favorite things, I present our thirty favorite things about Banner and Watson. Enjoy!

Thirty favorite things about Banner and Watson

  1. Banner loves to sleep on his back with his legs in the air, and usually when he does his lips droop up and it looks like he’s smiling.
  2. Watson is completely unaware of her size and tries to fit in the smallest of places.
  3. They love to get the zoomies and run hot laps around the back yard.
  4. Banner’s facial hairs are crazy.
  5. I love when Watson’s ears flip inside out because she’s running so fast.
  6. They both love to cuddle during bed time and use our legs as pillows.
  7. They are concerned about Wynn when he cries, and the like to sit with me in his nursery when we check on him.
  8. When we give them bones to chew on, Banner will wait until Watson finishes her bone before he even starts eating his.
  9. They love to shake paws, and try to perform the trick if they think it will get them people food.
  10. Banner is very much so the “guard dog” and thinks he needs to protect us from everything.
  11. Watson will bark if Banner barks, but she’s our little scaredy-cat. She doesn’t like things that roll, sudden loud noises, stocking caps, the Roomba, brooms, baby gates, and so many other things.
  12. I love when they cuddle up together in the evening.
  13. Watson is a spot stealer, but will get up if you call her on it. She gets the cutest look on her face, like “oh, sorry ’bout that.”
  14. Banner is a pizza thief, and we have to be extra careful with the pizza on the counter. He usually doesn’t try to get any food that is up there, but he LOVES pizza. I know it’s a weird trait to consider a favorite, but he’s just so predictable.
  15. Watson loves pillows and thinks she needs all of them when laying on the couch.
  16. Banner prefers to push blankets into a pile. He’s also blanket hog at night and tries to take them from Justin and I to make a bigger pile to lay on.
  17. We’ve had a sectional since I moved in with Justin in 2014, but we always had a coffee table. We got a new sectional with an ottoman before Wynn was born, and they love the ottoman. We used to call the coffee table their clubhouse because they’d take their chew bones under it. Now they play king of the hill with the ottoman, and on rare occasions, share it.
  18. I love how excited they get when we say “walk.”
  19. I love how excited they are for car rides.
  20. When we do doggie day out, we try to get a “pup-cup” from Starbucks. They are so excited and their eyes light up. They both end up with little whip cream mustaches and its adorable.
  21. They love to smell Wynn and hover around him when he’s in his bouncy seat.
  22. I love how sweet their personalities are – they are such good dogs.
  23. Banner and Watson get so excited when we come home, and have to greet us with a ton of enthusiasm at the laundry room door.
  24. They have to check out any packages that arrive to see if they are for them.
  25. If we open any kind of food they have to investigate to see if it’s a bag of treats.
  26. I love that they just want to be where we are. If I’m feeding Wynn in the nursery, they come lay on the floor. If we’re in bed, they cuddle with us, and when in the living room they pile up with us to cuddle.
  27.  It’s fun to watch them play outside and chase each other.
  28. I love watching them sleep, especially if they are having dreams.
  29. They love to look out the windows and watch the squirrels run around.
  30. Mostly, I just love how much they love us.

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February 10, 2020




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