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Project365 | May 2018

Ballgames, birthdays and graduations filled out May, along with a few amazing clients. May 2018 seemed to be the start of our summer activities, and while I never think our summer is going to be too crazy, life always has a way of changing that. We did have some down time, and I was so grateful to take in all the blooming flowers. We planted a few flowers of our own (and still have more to plant). There were also several days of cleaning up the front and back yards. The only part that wasn’t so great was when my horse passed away unexpectedly. That was rough because pets are like family to me, and I definitely considered her a pet and not livestock.

May 2018, you were so good to us, mostly. Without further ado, here are photos from the month. Hope you enjoy. 🙂

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June 6, 2018




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