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Project365: June 2021

Oh man, I am so late sharing this one! The beginning of July turned into a whirlwind that just hasn’t quit, but in the best way. June feels like an eon ago and yesterday all at once. And as I say all the time, time is going way too fast and this sweet boy is growing and changing all the time!

We’ve been doing couples league, and my mom comes down to hang out with Wynn on those nights, so that’s some fun adult time! And we typically do Sunday night dinners with my family, and Jared comes to our house once a week or so for dinner and to hang out with Wynn. Wynn really enjoys these dinners and getting to see his people

Fun facts about Wynn this month:

  • Loves the park so much, especially the swings.
  • Obsessed with lawn mowers. If we even say mow he’s looking for one.
  • Thinks Uncle Jared is the best and looks forward to Wednesday night dinners.
  • Really wants to drive everything.
  • Is okay with water in the bath or baby pool, but the big pool is sketch.
  • Really likes to bite his food v having us give him small pieces.


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July 19, 2021




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