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Christmas 2018 – Five fantastic celebrations

We are so blessed to be able to celebrate Christmas with our immediate families and extended families. There are tons of photos below, and a little bit about each Christmas. Hope you enjoy!! 🙂

Bredehoeft Christmas with Justin’s immediate family

We drove down to Justin’s Mom’s house to celebrate Christmas with almost his whole family. The kiddos are always my favorite part because they are so excited. (Almost as excited as Justin, because he LOVES Christmas, and I love that about him.) We had an amazing meal prepared by Justin’s mom, and it was warm enough out for us to spend some time in the backyard. It was an incredible day. 🙂

Christmas Eve at Mom and Dad’s

We went over to Mom and Dad’s house on the 23rd for pizza and then I made cookies with the little ones. I let them have free reign on the decorating aspect, and we paid for that later when there were layers of icing and sprinkles on the cookies. They were so cute though and having so much fun.

Christmas Eve morning we went to Mom and Dad’s to open presents and spend the day together. Watching the kiddos open presents is amusing, and they have the best reactions. I love just getting to spend time with everyone and seeing the looks on their faces when they open the gifts we have given them. It was a perfectly low-key day spent surrounded by loved ones.

We ended the day with the candlelight service at Salem United Church of Christ and then went over to my uncle and aunt’s house – an annual tradition we’ve been doing for I don’t even remember how long.

Davenport Christmas

Just before New Year’s we celebrated with my extended family on my mom’s side. We all brought dishes to share and opened presents after dinner. For the grandparent’s this year, Justin and I gifted them a box of prints from 2016 and 2017. I wasn’t able to include 2018 yet because, money. I don’t know if I can really express how much I love getting to spend time with my family.

KCMO photographer

Bredehoeft Christmas – Extended Family

The next day we went to Justin’s aunt and uncle’s house. The food is always delicious and we always do some kind of adult gift exchange. All of the kids draw names, but the adults usually do a white elephant type of exchange. This year, Justin’s aunt found a new way to do the exchange by rolling a die. It was fun to change things up! We stayed and watched the first part of the Chief’s game.

Alumbaugh Christmas

This year, we actually celebrated 2018 Christmas in 2019 on Dad and I’s birthday. It’s tough to get this many people together. A large group of us went to the Mexican restaurant the night before and then we all celebrated together on Saturday with spaghetti, lasagna and so much snacking. All of the cousins and spouses draw names to exchange gifts, which goes over well in my opinion. We play games and sit around the grandparents’ table to catch up and soak in the moments we have together.

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