Caring for your ring

Your ring is such an important part of your life. It starts you down the path towards planning your big day, and it is one of the few things you’ll have long after that day is over. Taking care of it is a great way to guarantee your gorgeous ring will be around for a long time. 🙂

tips for caring for your ring

Before your engagement session and wedding day

It is a great idea to get your ring cleaned so that it really sparkles when we are taking photos. When my mom and I were looking for earrings for my wedding, the jewelry store offered to clean our rings while we browsed. I had thought my ring was shiny and sparkling prior to going into the store, but it was nothing compared to having it professionally cleaned!

Caring for your ring day-to-day

As something that is worn almost every day, your ring will need some TLC if you want to keep it sparkling. Here are a few things to keep in mind, and some you may have heard before, but that is because they are true.

  • Take it off when you go to the gym or workout – you don’t want to scratch it up on any weights, and sometimes your fingers can swell up when you’re working out. When we do the Avon 2-day walks, all our hands have little sausage fingers that almost hurt to bend from walking so long. Granted, that’s an extreme because not every workout is walking 13.1 miles.
  • Leave your ring off when showering and applying lotion. The residue left behind from lotions and some shower products can make your ring look dull.
  • Sleep without it on. This one is more a piece of mind thing for me. I would hate to lose my ring in my sleep and it fall in a crack or behind the bed in a place I couldn’t find it.

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How to care for your engagement ring | Kelsey Alumbaugh Photography Kansas City Mo | #weddingphotography #kansascityweddings #engagementring #kcmoweddings #2021weddings

How to care for your engagement ring | Kelsey Alumbaugh Photography Kansas City Mo | #weddingphotography #kansascityweddings #engagementring #kcmoweddings #2021weddingsHow to care for your engagement ring | Kelsey Alumbaugh Photography Kansas City Mo | #weddingphotography #kansascityweddings #engagementring #kcmoweddings #2021weddings

This post was originally published on October 20, 2017. 

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