The importance of good lighting

In last weeks post, I mentioned that the time of session has a lot to do with the lighting, and now I want to explain why good lighting is so important. Back lighting and that gorgeous golden hour light are amazing. However, they are not always options – especially during a wedding day when we might be outside in the early afternoon. Here are a few things I look for when location scouting because I want to make sure you get the best photos from your entire day!

Open shade

All this means is that you can stand in the shade, but still look up and see the sky. The lighting that open shade provides is bright and airy, without being harsh. If we stand in an open field at 2 p.m., there is a greater chance of the lighting creating harsh shadows and dark circles under the subjects eyes.

Even lighting from head to toe

Not all shade is created equal. If we find open shade, but the lighting is dappled, it will create hot spots and uneven lighting all over. Finding even lighting from head to toe helps ensure the subjects will be the sole focus of the image, and not the random bright spots all over. I want people to focus on the emotion and how the images make them feel instead of wondering why certain parts of the photo are so blown out.

Finding neutral or clean backgrounds

This is always something I try to do, but the location may not allow for it. Finding a neutral and/or light colored background really allows the subjects to pop and be the sole focus of the picture. This is great for early afternoon photos when we need the open shade the most, but don’t worry, we can still get those gorgeous sunset photos later in the day!!

Want to get in touch?

If you’d like to book your session or wedding, you can contact me at kelsey(at)kelseyalumbaugh(dot)com. Check out my Instagram @kelseyalumbaugh ! I’ve been working curating my feed, so let me know if you see the pattern! And like me on Facebook to see the latest blog posts and wedding updates. 🙂 If you’re curious about the investment, you can check that info out here, but please feel free to reach out so we can better address your photography needs.

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September 29, 2023




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