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One of the biggest questions I get from clients is, “Where do I print my photos?” That’s a totally valid question! Today, I’m sharing the 3 best places to print your photos! You hear me go on and on about printing your photos, but know you shouldn’t take them to a drug store or supermart to get them printed.  Does this sound like you? I’m here to help!!  

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Your gallery has a print shop!

When I deliver your photos to you, you have the option to order photos right in that gallery! Your gallery is linked to the professional printing lab I use and will always give you the best quality prints! Here’s a quick how to on printing from your gallery: 

  1. Hover over the image and then click on the “buy” with the shopping cart icon in the upper right of the image. 
  2. Choose what size print, large format print, or canvas you’d like to print. Make sure to pay attention to the crop, as the ratio for the image might not match the ratio of the original image. 
  3. Then add to cart! 

The 3 best places to print your photos | Missouri wedding photographer | Kelsey Alumbaugh Photography | #missouriweddingphotographer #midwestweddingphotographer #weddingphotographer #printyourphotos The 3 best places to print your photos | Missouri wedding photographer | Kelsey Alumbaugh Photography | #missouriweddingphotographer #midwestweddingphotographer #weddingphotographer #printyourphotos


I love Mpix! They are the consumer lab associated with my professional lab, and I love recommending them. They have great quality prints, wall art, photo gifts and more! You’ll need to download your images, and then upload them to mpix to order! 

Artifact Uprising

Artifact Uprising is a great option for prints, photo books and gifts as well! I love their photo calendars and they have adorable baby board books! I created one for Wynn that has pictures of our family in it and we read it a lot so he knows who people are. 

And as two bonuses, Chatbooks and Blurb books are great for personal photos as well! 

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I hope you enjoyed the 3 best places to print your photos! If you’d like for me to capture your wedding day or family’s memories, I’d love for you to contact me HERE! 

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I hope my thoughts on the 3 best places to print your photos helps you to actually print your photos! I am so excited you found me! Just so you to know your email is going to make my day, and I’ll probably do a little happy dance when it hits my inbox. I love email because it helps me keep all our important conversations in one place versus spreading the conversation out over email, text, Instagram DMs, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, etc. You can expect to hear from me within 24 hours. You can contact me here, or just shoot me an email at



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