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Well, this year was incredible. December flew by faster than I thought possible, but that seems to be a trend this year. The older I am, the faster time seems to go by – speeding past faster and faster. Every time I think I want to be done with Project365 and not complete one the […]

We had a little bit of fall, and a whole lot of winter this month. We had engagement sessions for upcoming 2019 and 2020 weddings and our last wedding of 2018. It snowed twice, but was still randomly warm at times throughout the month – enough that we were able to enjoy being outside on […]

Holy smokes this month was crazy! We celebrated our first anniversary, had two weddings, a few sessions and it feels like we have just been going nonstop. I love fall and how busy we always seem to be. 🙂 We love getting to hang out with friends (and their tiny humans), staying home with our […]

This month was crazy, but in the best way. It started with a trip to Minnesota to visit Aaron and Jess for their engagement photos and ended with back-to-back wedding weekends. Oh how I love this crazy life. The Concordia Fall Festival (a.k.a. Street Fair) and some birthday parties thrown in between. We had quality […]

August 2018 was incredibly relaxing. I had a few client meetings, a lot of time home with the dogs, several nights of golf with my love, and a full day of exploring with my nephew. It was the perfect calm before the storm because the next couple months will be full of engagement sessions and […]

This year is flying by, and I don’t know why I am stunned every time a new month rolls around, but I am. July 2018 has been remarkable and I am so excited to share this month with you. From swimming with friends and family on the Fourth of July, to some remarkable sessions, to […]

June 2018 started off with a bang. We had four parties within the first weekend, and it didn’t really slow down until the end of the month. A baby shower, second shooting a wedding, and lots of time out at the barn rounded out our month. So many photos of the dogs (as per usual) […]

Ballgames, birthdays and graduations filled out May, along with a few amazing clients. May 2018 seemed to be the start of our summer activities, and while I never think our summer is going to be too crazy, life always has a way of changing that. We did have some down time, and I was so […]

Oh this month has been amazing! Easter and birthday celebrations, a trip to Seattle and so many soccer games kept us so busy. I love that the weather seems to finally be taking a turn for the better and consistently staying warm. April 2018 has been incredible, and I am so excited for what the […]

This month was full of excitement! Helping my friends announce their new baby (and that it’s a boy!), multiple sessions, a great get together with some other photographers, and the wedding show. It was definitely busy, and I love that as the weather starts to cooperate we are able to do more. Although, the weather […]

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