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If any of you follow along with my #project365 posts on my personal Instagram, you see plenty of photos of Banner. He’s my 80-pound lap dog who loves to snuggle. Part of my about me talks about how I want to adopt all the dogs (seriously, I send Justin photos of dogs I want to adopt […]

Earlier this month, Justin’s aunt and cousin hosted a couples shower/engagement party for us as a way to provide an opportunity for our two families to meet. Since we both come from such large families, we kept the event to just family and the wedding party. We were spoiled with so many recipes, gifts and […]

There’s a reason when you get all dressed up for a special event that you love to have your picture taken. Not only are you commemorating the special event, but you have on a great outfit because you are dressing to impress, your hair and makeup are done and you feel amazing! Who wouldn’t want […]

I went over the the Alumbaugh’s home on a weekday afternoon to get some photos of this precious family of three. Their baby boy is adorable, and I love to cuddle him. Austin, my cousin, and his wife, Christi, are killing it as new parents!! They stay calm when he throws his fits, and have […]

Reviews. Everyone uses them. I always check out the how many stars something has before ordering from Amazon, or see what other people liked about a restaurant I haven’t tried. Photography is no different. I like to request a testimony from clients after we work together and they receive their images. Reviews can be on […]

On Saturday, I set up a booth at Ivory Market Days. It was held at Buckeye Acres in Warrensburg, Mo., and it was such a great time! There were so many vendors there and it was so awesome to be a part of such a great event. I was only able to stay for a […]

The Fourth of July is quickly approaching. I love fireworks, and I LOVE taking photos of them. Especially sparklers. 🙂 There are so many fun things you can do! Below you’ll find my list of must haves, some tips, and a couple of how-to’s for those that shoot in manual mode. My list of my […]

Oh my goodness, where did this month go?!?! Summer is always so crazy busy, and I always seem to forget that. June 2017 has been packed with all kinds of things! Couples league started, T-ball with squirt, births, a wedding, a bachelorette, and so much more. It has been such a crazy month! Definitely fewer […]

I went out to the Reinwald’s home this week to take some newborn photos of their newest family member. The sweet boy was wide awake the enter time, and a bit mad at me when the session began. His older brother was quite the helper while I was setting up! We started with photos of […]

When summer comes around, everything is so green and alive … and hot. Oh it’s so hot. It was almost 80 degrees at 7 a.m. And getting all dressed up for a photo session can sound daunting, especially if you are dressing to impress. Below, you’ll find some tips about how to prepare for your […]

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